Eleuthera trip

My best experience in Eleuthera is when  we went snorkeling in the current.  When we  went to the current we got to see a bunch of sea life.  Another one of my best experiences in Eleuthera is when we jumped off the blue hole because I have never done something like that before.  Jumping off the blue hole was very fun it was very high.  Overall  Eleuthera was amazing and I truly had no bad experiences.

By Danel

Eluethera Is My HAPPY Place

Eight grade six students traveled to Eluethera last week from Tuesday till Thursday.    It has many beautiful features like pineapple fields.  We saw two cows on the side of the road.  We traveled across the glass window bridge.  Their were only a few problems for me.  I got stung by fire coral ouch!  And another problem was the scary stories Mr. Higgs  told about tar baby and watcher it was so scary for me so i ran inside and hid under the covers.  Some of the better parts were when we ate the food Mrs.Liz made like her no bake cookies they are off the chains . We went through current drift, the sapphire blue hole, preachers cave, hatchet bay cave, the 10 foot cliff jump, we had a turtle race, swinging on a rope into the water, body surfing and swimming at the pink sand beach.Personally I think Eluethera is a great place to go for vacation. This was my first time there and it was a sight to see. One of the boys in grade 6 who will remain anonomous got so washed up in the waves while body surfing when he was coming up the stairs from the beach and was on the trail on his way to the truck his pants fell off full of sand. His pants must have liked the beach so much it tried to bring it back to Abaco. It was at least 3-5 pounds in the hem of his swim pants. Mr.Drew had to pass him a towel because they were way to heavey to put them back on that was a laugh.The plane ride there and back went smoothly thanks to Mr.Shannon Wong.  He is a great lander.  Back to Abaco! Bye

By: Kailey 

Eleutheran Experiences

Visiting Eleuthera was a very enjoyable experience. Eight students in a new island trying out new adventures. Sometimes trying out new things have some highs and and lows or ups and down. But most of all it was one of the best experiences I’ve had yet. 

 First of all, let’s talk about the worst parts in Eleuthera. We went body surfing, which usually fun but I got caught under the waves and almost drowned. Also, the mythical stories were sorta scary. Other than that, Eleuthera was great. 

Amazing experiences were made. Drifting along in the current, jumping off a cliff, and over-coming fears. Winning the turtle race twice (to celebrate world turtle day), and looking at friend’s faces when doing something scary. Swinging on a rope into the water, exploring Preachers Cave and Hatchet Bay. 

I would definitely come back to Eleuthera for a vacation.  It would be so cool to share these wonders with my dad and sister.

By: Samantha 


Watch out HTP students, because exams are next week!  It’s time to start going over everything you have learned since September, so you can impress your teachers, friends, and parents.  Fortunately for some of us, grade 3 and 6 have already taken their end of year tests.  Remember to do your best, because summer is right around the corner.

By:  Skylar


On Tuesday the 21st grade 6 traveled to Eleuthera.   Well grade 6 and I had a phenomenal time.  My best experience in Eleuthera was Mrs. Liz’s food.  She had us drooling over the table. Her food is amazing.  I was really satisfied even on the 3 slice of pizza, but then came the worst experience.  The time we were snorkeling, my gear came off and I came over this smooth side of rock.  I was about to sit down when Danel discovered sea urchins all under my feet.  Danel also saved my life.  Later I discovered the sea urchins but it was too late.  After that time I kinda forgot about It, but it was great.  I was also scared of the story tar baby. 

By:  Stephanie

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Visiting Eleuthera with my class was a one in a lifetime experience, that I will always remember. We tried activities, such as snorkel drifting, cliff jumping, scary story telling, and of course, had amazing food. One day, I leaped off of an enormous cliff into a crystal clear blue hole. The thrill of being about to land was phenomenal. One night, we played an awesome board game that all got us laughing by the end. Although the trip was super fun, there were some lows. Many nights I had trouble falling asleep and I had cuts, bruises, and fire coral all over my body.

Thank you Mr. Higgs for making this trip possible.

By: Skylar 

G.L.A.T.S are Done!

Congratulations grade 3 and grade 6… you have finally completed your G.L.A.T.S!  I understand how much work and pressure must have been on your shoulders. Now that you don’t have to spend hours at night studying, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the school year.            

By:  Skylar 

Grade 6 Gives Back

Now that G.L.A.T.’s are over, grade 6 will be helping out around the school as a give back for about seven years of learning. Some of those students are myself, Samantha, Stephanie, Danel and Nick. All have been here since preschool so the teachers are getting a little tired of us. We are the grade six of 2019.

By: Kailey