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  1. Ryelle

    I want to write about one of my favorite things about Hope Town Primary, which is our garden.
    We plant fruits and vegetable in our eco school garden. Some examples are carrots,tomatoes and beets. When you come to Hope town to the school, l can show you our garden. When we participate we pull out weeds and water the plants.


  2. Jasmin Aberle

    School Play at F.H.A!

    There is a school play at Forest Heights Academy on Thursday march 5th, at 7pm . It will end around 8:30. you will need to bring $5 dollars each to get in. the play will be about oliver twist the musical. SEE YOU THERE

  3. Erik

    Top 10 Youtubers

    1. Dner
    2. Unge
    3. Ape Crime
    4. Vanoss Gaming
    5. Julian Bam
    6. Coke TV
    7. Cheng Loew
    8. Ungefilmt
    9. Ungespielt
    10.Red Bull

    So these are my favorite Youtubers and I would be happy if you would watch some videos of them and maybe tell me some other Youtubers someday:-)!!!!!!!!!!!


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