The Truman Show


The movie The Truman Show was released in 1998. I’m reviewing it is because I thought it has an interesting topic. It was about a man named Truman who was raised in an artificial environment. He lives in a small town surrounded by water.  When Truman was six, his father “died” on a sailboat and that gave Truman a fear of the water. Later in the film he begins to figure out that his “world” is fake.  Everything revolves around him and he is being filmed day and night for a hit TV show!  Millions of people are watching him throughout his whole life.  They have over five thousand cameras in the small little town, and he needs to find ways to get away from the cameras to escape from the creators of the film.  When Truman tries to get away on a sailboat to to escape the show, the producers throw water and wind in his way but he won’t back down.  Will he escape this terrible paradise?

It was an interesting movie and in case you want to watch I will leave the ending as a surprise.  I definitely recommend picking this movie up . It is one of my favorites and gets a ten out of ten in my book.  It is a family friendly movie and is a mix of drama and comedy.

Ps. It’s really weird when Truman’s wife tries to advertise food items

Will Ogden

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