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This is Maison, reporting from Hope Town Primary School.  This sports news for this week is the football game.  Saturday the 15th of October 2016, the Hope Town Bullsharks Juniors will take on the Marsh Harbour Wildhogs and the Man-O-War Makos in Hope Town.  It will take place at the ball field towards the North End in Hope Town.  There will be popcorn, hotdogs, hamburgers and refreshments.  I hope you can join us.  Let’s go Bullsharks!!!

UPDATE:  The games are done!  In the Man-O-War games, I (Maison) got one touchdown.  It was a close game but, it shouldn’t have been because we have more speed, height, and more experienced players.  The score was 13-12 and we won.  Tyrike also got a touchdown.  In the Marsh Harbor game, it started with them getting 2 touchdowns and then we got a touchdown and a safety.  So the score was 8-14.  They got another touchdown and our defense was playing horribly.  Then we scored!  It was 14-19.  We got a safety then they did too.  It was 17-21.  One minute 30 seconds went by and we scored, so it was 25-21.  It was all up to the defense, 4th down… the ball was hiked, then the blister came in…. SACK!!!  The offense just had to run and waste the clock.  Klye gets the handoff….  Touch down!  We win!  It was the comeback of the day!!  The final score was 28-20.



BullsharkJuniors_008 BullsharkJuniors_010 BullsharkJuniors_052 BullsharkJuniors_057 BullsharkJuniors_101 BullsharkJuniors_103

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