My Last Year of Primary School Highlights

    If you guys want to know about my adventures in grade 6, keep reading to find out. One of the highlights was becoming a prefect. I almost cried when Mr. Higgs called my name.  It was an amazing feeling!  Another great highlight was when we went to Eleuthera; it was the best experience I’ve had in awhile. We got our fish, Rocky  Flare, on Wednesday the 10th of October 2018. We still have him today, even though I thought he was dead this morning.  Smokey the school cat went missing and came back later with her left leg cut open. On February 19, we had a fun day. We played on bouncy castles, played musical chairs, and many other fun activities.

    Every Wednesday, once a month, Mr. Higgs goes to a principal meeting in Marsh Harbor.  We don’t like when he leaves, but we understand that he has to go.  The girls in our school held a tea party and dressed as fancy as we could.  In Eleuthera, we swung off of a rope swing and snorkeled off of Current Cut. During the Valentines dance, all of the grade six girls competed in a dancing competition and won! This year was awesome and I am thrilled G.L.A.T.s are over.

By:  Kailey

P.S. Thanks a latte for being the puniest teacher I know!

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