Chickcharni Sighting !!

Late last night around 10:30pm, the Chickcharni was spotted flying behind some tourists in Elbow Cay,  Abaco. It is said that the creature was looking for a rat but instead it ate a couple sitting on the roof of  a rental golf cart in a split second. Somehow you can find the bikini, swim trunks and flip flops. Sadly she was in Gucci but Chickcharni ate that too.  If I were you I would board up my windows now! Forget about the dog beware of CHICKCHARNI! Write to me later if you make it!

Wmahahaha. Ah! It’s chasing me!  Goodbye world, goodbye. Tell the Easter BUNNY I SAID PUT CANDIES ON MY GRAVE!  Also buy me some Gucci.

By: Kailey (Savage) Sweeting 

Family of Chickcharni

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