Eleuthran Adventure!

     Eleuthera was amazing!  I had so much fun! The plane was enjoyable because I like being in confined spaces. Exactly when I got off the plane I saw the truck. It was awesome riding around in the back. I loved bouncing around with no seat belt. My favorite part was the rope swing at Whale Point, but it started raining so we had to end it short.                                                                         

 I loved staying at Surfers Haven, it’s a surfing camp run by Mr. Tom and his mother.  Withiery and I played foosball. The food there was also great. Some of my favorite parts were Current Cut snorkeling, looking around in the boiling hole, and walking around in The Hatchet Bay Caves. I hope one day I could go again. I had a great time on the Eleutheran Adventure!                                                                                                                                 Image result for Eleuthera Bahamas

By: Jack

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