Eleutheran Adventures

Going to Eleuthera was definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  My favorite parts of the trip were going to the Blue Hole, Queen’s Bath, The Boiling Hole, cliff jumping, turtle races, the rope swing and obviously pranking the boys.

At the Blue Hole we had to jump off a 25 ft. cliff to get into it.  Unless you did what Jack, Withiery and Monica did, which was climbing in on the rocks.  I was the first person to jump in, then Allie and Mr.Tom our amazing tour guide.  Even though jumping off was fun, climbing back in was not.  To get back up you had to climb up a sturdy rope soaking wet.

I also loved going to Queen’s Bath except there were tons of mosquitos because of the recent rainfall and the fresh water breeding ponds.  Queen’s Bath was a rock structure on the oceanside with salt and fresh water ponds.  All of the salt water ponds had small sea life creatures brought in from the ocean’s tidal pool.

The Boiling Hole was also very interesting.  Even though a huge wave came and almost knocked me down onto the jagged rocks.

At the cliff jump, I jumped off the 10 ft. cliff five times.  Nobody jumped off the 20 or 30 ft. cliff.

This year was Mr.Tom’s 2nd Annual Hope Town School Turtle Race.  We don’t actually use real turtles -they’re just old egg carton pieces painted.  My turtle’s name was Franklyn.  He came 3rd in the first race and 1st in the second race.  The races were where we also did the rope swinging into the creek.  While I was swinging I felt like Tarzan swirling around through the jungle.

The best part of the trip was probably the Prank Wars because the girl’s team obviously won.  Allie and I were the only true members to the team because Monica kept on switching between the two teams.

I am so happy to have these people to make this trip happen.

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