Grade 6 Eleuthera Tour

In Eleuthera we did so many amazing activities I never thought I would ever do, in my entire life.  I went cliff jumping, blue hole jumping, i did a rope swing, searched caves, went snorkeling, and learned some historic facts.My favorite thing was the Boiling Hole and the Blue Hole.

The Boiling Hole is like a rocky hole in the ground , that is about 40 feet wide.  The reason they call it that is because the waves crash against the rocks, making a boiling affect.  It was phenomenal.  Meredith and I were taking a picture when a wave came and almost knocked us off our feet.

My favorite thing we did was the Blue Hole.  It was about 25 feet tall.  I was terrified at first, but then i got up the courage to jump. I was the second one to jump.  What i did was i didn’t think about i just went for it.  You didn’t realize you were doing it until you were in mid air.Meredith and i were the only kids who jumped  (All of adults jumped).  Monica was so close to jumping but thought about it to much.  Withiery and Jack were to scared to even consider to jump into the blue hole.

The rope swing was my second favorite.  We had to swim to the rope and climb up onto the rocks.  Once you were up you would have to swiftly snatch the rope and hold it tight.  Right as you were about to swing you would have to throw your legs around the rope and hold yourself up.  If you didn’t let go you would swing back into the rocks and keep on swinging back and forth.  It was really fun.  While we were doing it it started pouring.  Some honorable mentions of my favorite moments are Queens Bath, cliff jumping, Hatchet Bay cave, trying tameran, and Ms. Liz’s divine and spectacular cooking.


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