The Ellipsis Shipwreck!

About 2 weeks ago, a boat known as the Ellipsis wrecked on our sandy beaches.  He had left from Puerto Rico to go to Saint Augustine. This problem occurred because of an anchor failure during a stormy night. Before it was wrecked it had been missing at sea for many nights. The wind led it to our island and when the anchor broke, they thankfully missed the reefs as they crashed to shore. It’s a miracle that both men survived with their two dogs.

The boat was left on the beach for a week until they scrapped the porthole windows, but this caused sand to build up inside the boat.  This weighed it down and very difficult to move.  They were attempting to make it into an artificial reef, but the sand held firm, and before they could do anything else, a day or so later, the rotting and moister caused it to crack. As of now, the waves will toss it to scrap.          Image result for Ellipsis ship wreck in hopetownIMG_0952

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