YEEHA!! Aw man !!!

Last Saturday the 11 of November we had a game against the Wildhawgs and Falcons. Then when we went to play  Bing!! We had a touchdown and we caught an interception and made a touchdown again. Soon the score board was 24 to 0 . Interception! The Bullsharks are a boss…   touchdown the crowed goes wild! There is no stopping this team!! The score board was 30 to 6. TWWWEEEET  the whistle blew we won!!!!!  The second game passed for other junior teams to play. Macos  vs  I’m not sure who the other team was but the Macos beat them flat. Then it was our turn tough as bears we put on kleets it was time for us to give the Falcons a beating we got ready we played our game  strongly and pulled tricks to beat them . So far they had 24 points we had 0.  After 40 mins the game ended 27 to 7.

by; withiery

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