Bahamas Opti Nationals

Last week I participated in the Opti Nationals. It was held at a resort in Grand Bahama. 79 sailors raced to be the greatest in the Bahamas. There were 4 fleets.  One was green, a white, blue, and red fleet. Green was the youngest and red was the oldest. Champion fleet was divided into white, blue, and red color groups.  There were 32 people in the whole champion fleet. I was in the blue fleet. The winner was 12 years old and was from The Cayman Islands.  We became friends and helped each other by setting our sails and with racing strategies. I placed 16th and felt fine with that place.

At the resort they had a water slide which was exiting, but they turned it off a 4:30pm which was when we got off the water. Still it was a cool trip and I will be excited next year.                                                         Image result for grand bahama resorts                                   This Is The Resort We stayed At.                                                                                                                   Image result for Bahamas Opti Nationals


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