Story Book Character Parade

October 31st is going to be a very busy day.  First off it’s Halloween, but earlier in the day there will be a parade.  This is a parade celebrating story book characters.  The children of Hope Town Primary will dress up or bring their costume to school and parade around town for the community to see.  The rules of this parade is: you must wear clothes/costume from a story book, and it has to be originally from a book for example ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  Once the children are ready they will march down to the ‘Post Office’ with their teachers, take photos, and march back up to school.  Also during the parade their will be secret judges who will judge the students by grade.  Awards go to who is the most creative and who is the most original.  We hope to see you there since the kids have been waiting all year for this event.

By: Meredith


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