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Fundraiser for Hope Town Primary School.

On September 1st Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the small island of Elbow Cay in the Bahamas and hovered over for 30 hours.. With sustained winds of 185 MPH and gusts to 220 along with a 20″ foot storm surge much of the island was devastated. Along with all the destruction the local children have lost their beloved school, Hope Town Primary. Artist Kim Schwede, in conjunction with island resident Hope Schaffer-Colling has created a delightful print “The ABC’S of Hope Town”. We have put together a selection of items with this wonderful print. Many can make wonderful holiday gifts for family and friends. All proceeds after cost will be donated directly to Hope Town Primary School for helping to rebuild or wherever they see fit. Please support the wonderful families who call Hope Town their home and help them to get their school back up and running!!!! A message from the principal of Hope Town Primary School, Justin Higgs. “Hope Town Primary has been the ‘Beacon of Learning’ in Hope Town, Abaco since 1893. Due to hurricane Dorian on September 1st, the school suffered extensive damage that rendered it unusable this year and in need of repairs and re-outfighting of resources. With your help, we intend to shine again! This is a great opportunity to show your support and be part of the school family working together to bring the community back together”.

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A letter from Christa

On September 1, 2019 Hurricane Dorian slammed onto the island of Elbow Cay.  It’s hard to put in words the devastation it left in it’s wake.  A majority of the homes on our island were either badly damaged or flattened.  Many Hope Town Primary students lost their homes and everything they owned.  Hope Town Primary also suffered much damage. 

The storm was so scary for both grown-ups and children.  It was also so hard to see the beautiful island of Elbow Cay in such awful shape -the trees without leaves, buildings on their sides, and boats tossed around like toys.  But the community of Hope Town is strong and filled with hope.  The grown-ups of Hope Town are working together to clear the island of debris, repairing roofs and taking care of one another.  The principal Mr. Higgs and Ms Amanda are also hard at work repairing and rebuilding the school.  

After the storm, all the children of Elbow Cay had to leave the island. Their parents and guardians scrambled to find new places to live and new schools.  They are everywhere from Canada, to the US, to Nassau and others islands throughout the Bahamas.  Elbow Cay is not the same without children and we are all looking forward to the time when the island is ready to have them back!

Here is a letter from one little survivor -sweet Christa.  I was so happy to hear she is already making friends (not surprising, she’s such a sweetie!) and likes her new school in Connecticut.  

Please look back at the blog for more updates from the school, fundraising efforts and notes from other Hope Town Primary students.  Thank you for all your love and support!