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My Memories of My Last Year

 One of my exciting memories was our last swimming class because we had a longer free time and had chicken fights.   Another one of my highlights was all of Mr. Higgs funny jokes.  Another exciting highlights I had was when we went to the Eleuthera trip. One of my lowlights was when swimming was over.  I am looking forward to going to a new school next year.

By:  Danel

My memories

First is the pool. The swimming pool was scary and fun at the same time. The thing i like about swimming is free time. Free time is you done with the lesson and you have fun at the pool. I will miss the pool so much.                

The playground was the best one yet. I had a blast. 

By Rayshawn                                    


Last year

   This last year was as an amazing year.  There were times when it was cheerless, and times when it was joyful.  There were exiting times like when I passed grade 5, and when my teacher Mr. Higgs tells his punny jokes. We had low times, like having to leave the best teacher ever, Mr. Higgs. 

                 This all started when I passed grade 5 . I was happy because I had one last year in primary school. I was miserable because I was leaving the best male teacher ever.  I am happy because I’m getting somewhere in life. This was the best year ever!

By:  Meggan

“If you don’t like where you are in life just move, you are not a tree.” {By Bhad Bhabie}  


My Last Year of Primary School Highlights

    If you guys want to know about my adventures in grade 6, keep reading to find out. One of the highlights was becoming a prefect. I almost cried when Mr. Higgs called my name.  It was an amazing feeling!  Another great highlight was when we went to Eleuthera; it was the best experience I’ve had in awhile. We got our fish, Rocky  Flare, on Wednesday the 10th of October 2018. We still have him today, even though I thought he was dead this morning.  Smokey the school cat went missing and came back later with her left leg cut open. On February 19, we had a fun day. We played on bouncy castles, played musical chairs, and many other fun activities.

    Every Wednesday, once a month, Mr. Higgs goes to a principal meeting in Marsh Harbor.  We don’t like when he leaves, but we understand that he has to go.  The girls in our school held a tea party and dressed as fancy as we could.  In Eleuthera, we swung off of a rope swing and snorkeled off of Current Cut. During the Valentines dance, all of the grade six girls competed in a dancing competition and won! This year was awesome and I am thrilled G.L.A.T.s are over.

By:  Kailey

P.S. Thanks a latte for being the puniest teacher I know!

Our Last Year

This is my last year and I have some highlight and low-lights. Some highlights are becoming a prefect, invertebrates projects, fun day, building air plain and testing them, and Mr. Higgs punny jokes. Also, the Valentines dance, Art class, Blog class, G.L.A.T.s being over, having the Eleuthrea and learn the wonders of Eleuthrea and when Mr. Higgs got Rocky Flare (our class pet).

But there are some low-lights such as jumping of the cliff, when Mr. Higgs goes to meetings, the swim meet canceled, have to jump nerve wracking jumps, and when Smokey went missing.

My Last Year

My memories of my last year at Hope Town Primary begins with my rewarding moments.  I was happy to start the year knowing I had passed grade five.

The best moment was getting the honor of being the Deputy Head Girl.  It was my pleasure to take that place.  Some funny moments were when Mr. Higgs told us his ‘punny’ jokes.  

To keep it in balance, a sad part was leaving Eleuthera.  My low-light is when we G.L.A.Ts were beginning; it was really intimidating.  The most unhappy moment of my last year is going to be leaving the best male teacher in Hope Town Primary School.  I’ll miss everyone.   

By:  Stephanie

The Best Year Ever!

    This year was a roller coaster ride full of adventures.  I had the honor of being chosen as our school’s head girl.  I was also placed third runner up in the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year competition.  Since the function was held in Nassau, I went to Atlantis and had a blast getting splashed on the rides!  Over spring break, my family and I traveled to France and rode electric bikes through the mountains.  We saw the Eiffel Tower, ate macaroons, and even witnessed the Notre Dam burn down.                                         

  Towards the end of the year, our class traveled to Eleuthera for our graduation trip.  We jumped off of blue holes and ate a lot of pineapples.  Another great highlight was all of Mr.Higgs’ wonderfully puny jokes. The only lows of the year, were tests, G.L.A.T.S, and of course, knowing that I have to leave.

By:  Skylar