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A Virtual Cyber Spotted


There has been spotted _ a VIRTUAL CYBER From the Video Game HELLO NEIGHBOR !!!!!!!! The main characters have been spotted at NORTH ABACO. Here is a picture to inform you….

By: Nick


Chickcharni Sighting !!

Late last night around 10:30pm, the Chickcharni was spotted flying behind some tourists in Elbow Cay,  Abaco. It is said that the creature was looking for a rat but instead it ate a couple sitting on the roof of  a rental golf cart in a split second. Somehow you can find the bikini, swim trunks and flip flops. Sadly she was in Gucci but Chickcharni ate that too.  If I were you I would board up my windows now! Forget about the dog beware of CHICKCHARNI! Write to me later if you make it!

Wmahahaha. Ah! It’s chasing me!  Goodbye world, goodbye. Tell the Easter BUNNY I SAID PUT CANDIES ON MY GRAVE!  Also buy me some Gucci.

By: Kailey (Savage) Sweeting 

Family of Chickcharni


 From what I heard, Squid-ward ran over Sponge Bob on purpose. He did not survive the car accident and he died. Good news is that Squid-ward was sent to Bikini Bottom jail. Ms. Puff was glad Sponge Bob died so we send her to jail with Squidward.                                                                                                                                                                                  


By Rayshawn

Did You Know?

Image result for beyonce knowles in bahamas

Did you know that Beyonce has been seen at Bakers Bay? I heard that she is soon having a meet and greet here on Elbow Cay. Buy your VIP tickets now, because they are soon going to be running out! She is coming for a brief visit at Hope Town on Saturday the 27th of April. The cost of the tickets are $30 and the event is being held at the Community Center. Contact Ms. Monica for more information on how to buy your tickets.

By: Meggan

Field Day

Field day was exciting we started out with some warm-ups. Then we did some of the events like soft ball throw, relay , sprint, long jump , lime and spoon , and tug of war.  It was pretty fun but we were very tired from some of the events like relay and sprint. The winning team was the Baracudas, second place was to the Groupers, the Baracudas beat them by one point. Third place went to Wahoo and forth went to Marlin.

By Danel

Easter Bunny

Attention everyone! Easter is approaching and there is news that there’s no candy. Someone or something stole it all -there is not even a wrapper in sight. Please help us or there will be no candy, chocolate bars, nothing to activate your blood pressure this year. If you’re hearing this, Easter bunny, we will fire you. You are doing a horrible job, stealing candy from children! We’ve taught you better than this.

By; Stephanie


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!This Sunday there was a ship that wrecked on Tahiti beach . The ship Queens Land was trying to go to Brazil, to bring an endangered species of monkeys. BUT…… the monkeys are venomous. Be

CAREFUL. If seen say your prayers. It will be the last thing you will ever see.
Save YOURSELF!!!!! Write to you later…… if you make it. 

By: Samantha

An Early Visit From the Easter Bunny!

News flash!!!

Last night at 11:45p.m, a couple was taking a nice late night walk when they encountered the large bunny staring at them from a coconut tree. A few other sightings occurred at 5:00p.m when a van full of preschoolers started yelling and shouting. Their mother could have sworn she saw a huge white blur bouncing wildly. It looks like the Easter bunny may have visited our island early this year. Lets just hope there aren’t any baby bunnies roaming around too!

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Tune in next time!

Skylar O.