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Lion fish are one of the many INVASIVE fish in the Caribbean. They eat most of they juvenile tropical fish, which is very bad for our ecosystem. If you see a lion fish try to spear it. “BUT BE CAREFUL THESE FISH ARE POISONOUS”

But the meat is very good to eat!  

By Nick

Buildings in Hope Town

When you are walking around in Hope Town you can see that there is a lot of construction going on. I don’t know if it is true but they say that. They are building an apartment next to the burn down food store.

It will be great for the locals to have more housing.

by Danel

International Night


April, Tuesday the 9th from 5:30-7:00pm is International Night. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a fun event when 5th and 6th grade do a project on a country and they find information about the country. There will be food according to which the country is from.You should come it will be amazing! Everyone in the community is invited (the food will taste good)!

By: Meggan

Farmers Market

On March 16th there was a farmers market down town in the local Community Center. There were many stalls including a Nadia Sweetings plant stand, Sir Eden, Om Greens, D.I.Y. Soap Scrubs, Coconut Shell Earrings, Mackey’s Takeout brought food, Friends Of The Environment, and Ep.Och [a new beginning bags]. A lot of people supported all of these businesses and more. It was a great success and all because of the amazing Zero Waste Program!

By: Kailey 

Parrot fish

Whenever you go to the warm, sunny, sandy beach do you ever sit on the sand. Well did you know that you’re actually sitting on scat. Scat is animal waste that we all recognize as Poop. Parrot fish nibble off of coral reefs and drop off poop everywhere and then the sand gets washed off to the shore. So parrot fish do a great part in our life. Parrot fish besides the poop are beautiful marine animals.

By; Stephanie P.

Bush medicine

Bush medicine was used because there were rarely any doctors in the   Bahamas. Mr. Omar has teach us about some bush medicine. You could see him in the community center. Here some bushes medicines that he teaches about:

   FEVER grass
  Best For: fever, headache, eczema, acne Preparation: boil leaves in water, 5 mins, strain the brew, and drink hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened.
Breadfruit (leaves)     Best For: high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease Preparation: boil leaves for 15-20 minutes covered (to ensure no light gets in), strain brew, and drink hot, sweetened or unsweetened.
Mint Gas, ingestion,


Hope Town Art Show

It is outstanding how a blank canvas could come to have so much color and life. March 12th was Hope Town’s annual art show. The walls were thriving with beauty and every painting was selling quickly. Much of the profits go to Hope Town Primary School and this year they raised about $2,000! As a surprise, Hope Town Primary Junkanoo even came out and rocked till’ they dropped. If you have not already, maybe next year you will enter your painting. Everyone is welcome.

By: Skylar O.

Sailing regatta race

On Saturday,March  16th 2019 was the sailing Homer Lowe regatta race. Sailors came from Freeport and as far as Nassau A lot of people came together to compete with each other, but at the end everyone was a winner. Everyone had a good time racing together.

By: Meggan