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School Christmas Performance and Party

On December 14th, Friday, there will be the school performance at Hope Town Primary School.  There will be a performance by the students and then in the afternoon, there will be refreshments for the students -like candy!  I hope there are a lot of beverages.  This day will be a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.  It will be an exciting event!

By:  Nick

The Box Cart Derby

The Box Cart Derby was a huge success.  We raised money selling snowcones for the 6th grade trip to Eleuthera.  It was so cool when the box carts zoom down the big hill.

We do this every year so you can join in next year.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

By:  Rayshawn

The Girl who Drank the Moon -Book Review

The Girl who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

This book is a major page turner!  The second I picked up The Girl who Drank the Moon, I could not put it back down.  When you open up the pages, a river of magic comes pouring onto you in the most spectacular way you can ever imagine.

A little girl is given extraordinary power after she DRANK the moon.  As she grows, her power only becomes stronger and stronger.  She is raised by a motherly witch, a baby dragon, and a sacred swamp monster.  Life is already hard enough but with an entire settlement wanting to kill them, they have to think of something SUPER fast.

I totally recommend reading this fascinating book and going on the journey with the wonderous girl who drank the moon.

By:  Skylar

The Christmas Review at Hope Town Primary

Next Friday there will be a Christmas program at Hope Town Primary School.  Each class gets to perform a song, poem, or skit.  It’s starts at 9:30am on Friday, December 14th, 2018.  All parents and caregivers are invited to come.  The 6th grade will be performing a skit!  You will enjoy a variety of skits, songs and poems we perform for you.  Happy Holidays!

By Meggan

Christmas Play!

This year, the Christmas play is Annie Jr. and Kailey plays the main character.  The dates are Dec. 12th, 13th, and 14th.  It will be at the Community Center.  Why do we do it?  To bring joy to the people!  It will also get you in the Christmas mood.

You can buy tickets for $15 adults and $10 kids.  Buy them at Elbow Cay Properties.


By Samantha

School Exams

Coming up are the school exams.  It’s time to start catching up with everything you learned.  Kids shrivel, and sweat pours.  Teachers grin sincerely as they lay the question-filled papers on their desks.  Kids try to escape but no one can escape exams.  Kids will drop their pencils and try to cheat as their teacher whisper “Back to work!”.  When they find something difficult, they chew their erasers, scratch their heads and think.  After the exams, kids feel relief.  When they see their grades, teachers ask the kids with horrid grades, “Did you study?” as other shout “Hurray!”.

By:  Stephanie

Bull Sharks Football

Our last games was in Marsh Harbour.  We play against Man O War.  It was a close game and we lost but I still had fun.  The last play was so cool:  Mason caught Will’s throw and made a touchdown.  We was playing against the Wildhogs.  Dawson also caught the ball and made the touchdown.  We also got to eat KFC -YUMM!!

At the game in Hope Town, it was cool playing the Falcons.  Scotty caught the ball at the minute when the second play was finished, it was so cool.

The next game is in January.  Come watch and support the Bull Sharks!

By:  Scotty

How the Christmas Play Goes -a background perspective

Welcome to the blog!  We have been working on the Christmas play for three months.  We’ve been doing great.  Sometimes we have a couple of problems but at the end we get it right.  As the star, Annie, I understand how much work you have to put into the play.  From 4-5pm every day, we practice.

If you like musicals, you probably want to come to the play!  Without the directors Mrs. Carrie, Ms Jane, Ms Hope, Ms Chelsey and everyone who volunteers, this play wouldn’t be possible.

Signing off of this blog is grade six student Kailey saying “Read you next time!”.  Good-bye!

Christmas Village

The Christmas Village is a fun event that happens at the ballfield in Hope Town.  It is going to be December 16, 17, and 18th.  It is three nights long.  The time it starts is 6pm and it ends at 9pm.  There will be a lot of games to play!  On the last night, Santa comes.

One of my favorite parts is the ice rink.  You can get skates and skate in it and something comes out like snow!


By Danel