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Heading To The Top

Every year the schools in Abaco participate in Student of the Year.  This is an event where students get awarded for being top of their grade the year before.  The students that were  chosen from Hope Town Primary are: Brynley Sweeting (Gr.1), Rosie Ziskind (Gr.2), Rose Philogene (Gr.3), Skylar Ogden (Gr.4), Meredith Knowles (Gr.5), and Journey Higgs (Gr.6).  The award ceremony was Friday, Jan.26th, 2018.  Congratulations to all of these amazing kids!


By: Meredith


“Hey mom, can I go to Madison’s house?” Caroline yelled from her room.  Mrs. Anderson stomped upstairs and went to her husband and asked if he was making dinner.  Caroline thought it was odd they had ignored her.  “Hey I can come, I’ll be there at seven” Caroline texted Madison.  She didn’t text back.  Caroline didn’t care so she put down her phone and went to pack her black and white poke-a-dot bag.  She went downstairs to get snacks from the kitchen.  and she realized something was different.  A picture of her and her family looked off.  Caroline looked closely.  She stared and stared .  Then she realized what was missing.  Caroline wasn’t in the photo.  She was shocked, but she thought it was okay she would just talk to her mom later.  Then Caroline went along to get the snacks from the kitchen and went back up to her room.  Once Caroline got back upstairs she realized what time it was, she had to leave.  Caroline grabbed her bag and rushed to her car.  She got to the garage and realized her car wasn’t there.  So Caroline decided to walk Madison’s house since it wasn’t that far.  It was only 3 or 4 blocks down the street.  While Caroline was walking, she ran across a few neighbors, but when she said hi they didn’t say hi back.  It was odd it seemed like Caroline wasn’t real.  It was like she was a ghost.  Caroline quickly ran to Madison’s house and rang the doorbell it didn’t work.

Then Caroline realized what happened.


By: Meredith