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Halloween is coming up on Tuesday October 31st.  I am super excited.  On Halloween you can transform into whatever you want to become.  Halloween was originally called hallows eve and was celebrated towards  honoring the dead.  Also, people believed that dressing in costumes would be a way to hide from ghosts.  Did you know that cats have been a part of Halloween for centuries?  Priests used to use cats to as a ritual to try and predict the future.  How cool is that?  Also, trick or treat used to be when the poor went to peoples door and traded food for prayers.  In Hope Town we go trick or treating on our mini streets at night and we have an amazing haunted house that the parents organize.  It’s truly a spine tingling experience.

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By:Allie Lederhause

El Capitan (Alex Honnold)

A while back I talked about Alex Honnold, and a week after I made that report Alex soloed a route called Free Rider on El Cap in Yosemite National Park. He was the first to do so in history. This route is 3000 ft high and is almost fully  vertical.  It wasn’t an easy feat, it took days of preparation and a ton of courage. Alex has been  quoted saying that he goes to the mountain every year but most years he says he just doesn’t feel right. As he comes back year after year, Alex finally felt perfect, so he climbed it. After the climb he did something that was really amazing, he hang boarded. Hang Boarding is when a climber hangs on his or hers finger tips for as much as 10 minutes. At the top of the climb he immediately took his shoes off and admired the view. I don’t think this will be topped for years to come.                               

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Bahamas Opti Nationals

Last week I participated in the Opti Nationals. It was held at a resort in Grand Bahama. 79 sailors raced to be the greatest in the Bahamas. There were 4 fleets.  One was green, a white, blue, and red fleet. Green was the youngest and red was the oldest. Champion fleet was divided into white, blue, and red color groups.  There were 32 people in the whole champion fleet. I was in the blue fleet. The winner was 12 years old and was from The Cayman Islands.  We became friends and helped each other by setting our sails and with racing strategies. I placed 16th and felt fine with that place.

At the resort they had a water slide which was exiting, but they turned it off a 4:30pm which was when we got off the water. Still it was a cool trip and I will be excited next year.                                                         Image result for grand bahama resorts                                   This Is The Resort We stayed At.                                                                                                                   Image result for Bahamas Opti Nationals


Story Book Character Parade

October 31st is going to be a very busy day.  First off it’s Halloween, but earlier in the day there will be a parade.  This is a parade celebrating story book characters.  The children of Hope Town Primary will dress up or bring their costume to school and parade around town for the community to see.  The rules of this parade is: you must wear clothes/costume from a story book, and it has to be originally from a book for example ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  Once the children are ready they will march down to the ‘Post Office’ with their teachers, take photos, and march back up to school.  Also during the parade their will be secret judges who will judge the students by grade.  Awards go to who is the most creative and who is the most original.  We hope to see you there since the kids have been waiting all year for this event.

By: Meredith


Italian Night!

Tuesday October the 17th is Italian Night at Hope Town Primary.  It will be from 5:00 to 6:30 P.M.  We are hosting it to raise money towards modifying the school.  For example we need to have the school painted and a roof fixed.  There will be lasagna, spaghetti, salad, and meatballs.  There will be drinks and deserts too.  It is open to the community for everyone to enjoy.  We hope to see you there!                                                      

By:  Allie

Back to School

I’m back to school with a new tool

In my brain because all grades

should gain.

After high school you

be off to college with the knowledge

if you keep your head up, you can soar

through the sky with a mighty eagle

by your side!

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By :Monica

















































So far this season, there have been many hurricanes.  Maria, Harvey, and Irma have been the most destructive. These hurricanes have already caused 224 billion dollars in damage. Here in the Abacos we are fortunate that we haven’t been hit that bad. Here are some facts about these destructive beasts:

Here is a photograph of hurricane Irma in the Southern Bahamas.Hurricane Irma in the Bahamas

  • A hurricane is an intense tropical storm with powerful winds and heavy rain.

  • Other names for a hurricane include cyclone, typhoon and tropical storm.
  • While they are essentially the same thing, the different names usually indicate where the storm took place. Tropical storms that form in the Atlantic or Northeast Pacific (near the United States) are called hurricanes, those that form near in the Northwest Pacific (near Japan) are called typhoons and those that form in the South Pacific or Indian oceans are called cyclones.
  • Hurricanes usually form in tropical areas of the world.
  • Hurricanes develop over warm water and use it as an energy source.
  • Hurricanes lose strength as they move over land.
  • Coastal regions are most at danger from hurricanes.
  • As well as violent winds and heavy rain, hurricanes can also create tornadoes, high waves and widespread flooding.
  • Hurricanes are regions of low atmospheric pressure (also known as a depression).
  • The wind flow of hurricanes in the southern hemisphere is clockwise while the wind flow of hurricanes in the northern hemisphere is counterclockwise.
  • Weather in the eye of a hurricane is usually calm.
  • The eye of a hurricane can be anywhere from 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) in diameter to over 200 miles (320 kilometres) but they are usually around 30 miles (48 kilometres).
  • The winds around the eye of a hurricane are usually the strongest.
  • Hurricanes can be tracked by weather satellites and weather radar closer to land.
  • Hurricanes have led to the death of around 2 million people over the last 200 years.
  • The 1970 Bhola Cyclone that struck Bangladesh killed over 300000 people.
  • In 2005 Hurricane Katrina killed over 1800 people in the United States and caused around $80 billion dollars worth of property damage. The city of New Orleans was hit particularly

  • hard with levee breaches leading to around 80% of the city being flooded.

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By: Jack