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Tapas Night

A few weeks ago tapas night was hosted as a fundraiser for grade Eleuthera field trip.  It was held at the coffee house.  They had lots of samples of food like sushi, chicken, and ravioli.  They also did the raffle.  Some of the prizes were a computer, photo shoot, a stay at a vacation home, and a cooler.  It was a huge success and a lot of fun.

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Voices are in the Air

Wow!  The Hope Town Primary School  Choir is going to have a concert if you would like to come.  The tickets will be  sold at The Coffee House and  Hope Town School.  They have been working really hard and it will sound beautiful.  It  will also look beautiful because  they will be dancing in Androsian print clothing.   Hope you can come  at The Community Center TONIGHT at 5:30 p.m.

By Meredith

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Recorders, Music And More!

Ms. Melissa is a volunteer teacher helping the students practice recorder.  Every Friday, students practice recorder with the goal of passing their song.  You need to complete nine belts, the last belt being black.  Once you have completed those belts you go on to first, second, and third degree black belt all the way to ninth degree black belt.  It is very fun learning a new instrument.


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Field Day

Field day happened a couple of weeks ago on Friday March 31st.  It was a lot of fun!  My team , The Barracudas won.  Marlins came second, Groupers came third, and Wahoos came last.  Every team had good sportsmanship.  Most importantly everybody had a wonderful time.  Some of the events were sack race, sprints, long jump, long distance, and my favorite event was lime on spoon.  I got first for my age group of lime on spoon.  The last event of the day that everybody on their team had to do was tug-of-war.  The Barracudas also came first for that event.  It was so exciting, even all  the parents were cheering for the children.  They seemed very proud of everybody.


By: Meredith

Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief

This book is about Percy Jackson’s life when he thought he was just a regular kid and couldn’t sit still in class.  He gets kicked out from one school to the next school.  Then one day, he meets a kid named Grover who was a goat /half human/half goat.  Percy did not know because Grover was dressed as human. Then something weird happened…………..

Percy is not the boy’s name it’s a nickname to find out his real name and learn about what happens to him, read the books! It’s a whole series full of his adventures.

I recommend this book  for people who are interested in quests and myths. Image result for percy jackson and the lightning thief

(This is the first book.)

By:  Withiery

Who Will Win

The Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie dissolved parliament on April 11 2017.  There are 4 current parties not including the individual ones.  The 4 parties are PLP, FNM, DNA, and the new party BCP.  THe FNM has got a head start and put up signs everywhere.  Many of the parties have already had their rallies.  After the FNM rally here in Hope Town they had extra food and drinks and let me and a few other friends have most of the leftovers.  From what I have learned PLP stands for Progressive Liberal Party, FNM stands for Free National Movement, and DNA stands for Democratic National Alliance. We wish them all the best of luck.

By: Allie


Spring break is coming up soon!  I love playing outside with my friends, reading books and spending time with my family.  You might have seen me before playing outside before in Hope Town.  I love boogy  boarding and playing tag.  I also love spring break because of my birthday!  All my friends come over.  There is also Easter.  Everybody comes by Sip Sip for the huge Easter Egg hunt!  Some eggs ( like the huge green and gold ) have money inside of them.  Last year some of my family members were obsessed with them. It was so funny!  I can’t wait till spring break!  Image result for easter egg hunt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             By : Ella

Usain Bolt (The Fastest Man Alive)

Usain Bolt, or the fastest man alive, grew up in Jamaica.  He was very talented at running for a young boy.  Bolt enjoyed running more than anything else.  He went to many national races and then began running in international events.  He broke the 100m world record with 9.58 seconds in Berlin in the year 2009, and in that same Olympics he broke the 200m world record with 19.19 seconds. Though he didn’t win everything.  Bolt trained for a whole year for one race, and was disappointed with the outcome. The committee changed the rule that year that if you false start once you don’t get a second chance.  Bolt lined up.  Bang!  It was a false start on Bolt and he was disqualified!  Now let’s fast forward to his last race. Bolt did amazing and won first, but he didn’t get the world record. He really wanted it but he wasn’t mad.

After a long and successful career, he recently retired.  I like that he never gave up even though he hurt his leg badly one year and another year he was disqualified and couldn’t race.

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By Jack