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The month of love is here

The month of love is here.  It’s February my dear.  Valentine’s day is next week.  Don’t forget  that birds have beaks.   Gather your chocolate,  roses, and cards. Give them to your loved ones as a reward, for the love they’ve given you and the things they’ve done for you.   Its Valentine’s Day.   Hip Hip Hooray !

Outlaw a book review

Outlaw, written by Michael Morpurgo, is an awesome book. It is based on the tales of Robin Hood. The book begins with a boy in England. He finds a skull, a long bow, and a silver arrow head. He faints, and in his dream, he goes back in time. Robin Hood’s father is eye gouged for stealing the king’s deer. Robin runs away and joins the outlaws and they steal from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Eventually, they bring Richard the Lionheart back from Austria who was the former king of England. This is an amazing book for anyone who likes historical adventure reads. I truly recommend this book for everybody.

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By : Luke


Soccer League has started back up.  We always have fun when we play soccer. Our coaches Mr.Pete and Mr. Neil are the best, they always help when needed.  Soccer is one of my favorite sports. Every Monday is our practice.  Soccer is very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Drifted Away Part 3

The next day I awoke to a loud motorboat passing by. The water was completely still and the sun was glistening. Another boat passed by, I jumped up to try and signal them , but my ankle was in so much pain, that I fell back onto the warm sand. My heart sank, as I saw the boat speed by. It was my only chance to get help. With my ankle in pain, I needed to rest and with all this trouble, I needed to stay hopeful. The blood on my bite marks were dry. I knew it had been a deep cut.
I turned around to see the palm trees and all the shrubs surrounding me. Lying there were two long sticks, which looked sturdy enough to hold me up. I dragged myself closer up the beach, until I could reach the twigs. I carefully balanced on them and stood up. I fell once, but quickly got up back again.
Once I got used to it, I walked around the little island. I approached a banana tree and picked of a leaf. I sat down in the sand and wrapped it around my wound. I stood up and walked down the beach to the water. A boat was coming my way! I was so relieved. I could imagine going home, and this was my chance. I couldn’t believe I was finally going home.

By, Journey

High school

The High school entrance tests are coming up and they sure are pretty nerve racking.  So you sixth graders better start studying for that entrance test.  The students applying to St. Francis have already been tested.  The Forest Heights’ exam is coming up on March 4th. The Agape test is still a few weeks away.  Let’s all hope that the students from all around get in.  The subjects on the exams are reading, math, and language.  Personally i am very scared that i will fail but at the same time very confident. It’s a weird mix of feelings!  It will be a very big change regardless of where you come from and where you are going.  Good luck to all!

By,  Will Ogden

Valentines dance

valentines day is coming, so is the school dance.  we will have food, drinks , music , and dance.  all of the funds we raise will go to the grade 6 Eluethera trip.  So start practicing your moves . for all the kids of Hope Town school there will be  a dance competition.


FEBUARY 17 2017
















Two Short Stories By:Ryleigh

A Momma Siberian Tiger’s Day

As the momma Siberian Tiger headed home to her baby the leaves crunched under feet. She spotted an eagle, and she growled loudly. The eagle flew away. She was passing by a lake. She stopped to lap up the cool water. There was a deer across the river. She roared furiously. After a few more laps she started to head back home.

A Day At the Bowling Alley

The ball was heading towards the pins. Strike! All the pins were knocked down. No one,except the person who bowled it, noticed. People talked, ate nachos and pizza, and did some bowling themselves. Constantly pins fell down.

AaBb poems

I like hats you have cats

I like dogs you eat hogs

you are fat my names pat

you say hi i say good bye

i am tall we go to the mall

i like the sky now your saying goodbye

i am tall we go to the mall

i like the sky  your saying goodbye.

you are cool so is the pool

i like the beach do not drink bleach.

i have a drum you are not dumb

i like that key i wish it was free.



By:Cameron Jean

All Star Game

On Saturday the 21st, the flag football all star game took place in Murphy Town, Abaco.  On the Hope Town Pee Wees  were Scotty, Nicholas, Blake, Makhai, and Ella.  On the Hope Town Juniors were JJ, Kyle, Jack H., Aaliyah, and Jasmine.  The all star teams weren’t very fair because the red team had much better players than the blue team.  Surprisingly, it was still a very exciting game and the underdog team won.  Back and forth each team kept scoring, touchdown red, touchdown blue.  On the last play the red team was up 23-19 and the blue team had the ball -it had to be a hail mary.  The ball was thrown to Braydon and all the defenders got tripped up on each other.  Braydon was running down the field….. Touchdown!  The blue team had won with no time left on the clock!!! The final score was 23-26.  It was a heart breaking loss for the red team.



By: Maison