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Community Center

We are all excited for the new community center.  With a large stage, upstairs, and giant floor it has a lot of possibilities.  We hope everyone will be able to use the community center for important events.  Thanks to everyone who donated time, money, and material to make this dream come true.

By Casey, Will and Tyreke



The hot sun burns me.                                                                                                                                   The sandy beach is very fun.                                                                                                                          I like the hot beach.


Hurricanes are harsh.                                                                                                                                   You should be careful, watch news                                                                                                             They are dangerous.

by Devon

Winter Storm Knocks Down California’s Famous “drive thru” Sequoia tree

Recently in California, winter storm “Caly” knocked down the Calaveras Big trees State park famous drive-thru Sequoia tree.  The base of the Sequoia tree was carved out for cars to drive through in 1880.  The tree was over 2,000 years old and the storm’s winds were just too strong for the Sequoia’s shallow roots.  It was a attraction  for the families that would to visit the park and children admired how huge the tree was.  It is a real shame that this tree has fallen but, the bigger shame was that they should have never cut a hole in the tree in the first place.  The big Sequoia shall always be remembered in the hearts of those who cared.


Image result for famous redwood tree falls in california because winter storm caly

By: Maison

Drifted Away

As I pulled the main sheet, my hands became sore and blisters appeared on them.  The wind was picking up, which caused the waves to become bigger and stronger, which made my sailboat rock back and forth.  The waves splashed on my face, and into my eyes.  The saltwater in my eyes made them sting as if jellyfish tentacles were wrapping around them.

I felt my body move, and then all of a sudden I felt something cold.  A shiver rushed up my spine, which made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.  Goosebumps immediately spread across my body.  When I looked down at my feet, I realized I was in the water!  I suppose a giant wave had knocked me off.  I was drifting away from my boat.

I swam and swam, but it was no use, the current was too strong and was pulling me away.  Rain had started to pour down on my face and the gray clouds nearby eventually covered the sky.  A tear trickled down my face, dripped into the water, and created ripples that had spread far across the water and soon disappeared.

~ To Be Continued

By,  Journey

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban



Over the Christmas break I got to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time!  I have read the book and it is my favorite one I have read so far from the Harry Potter series.  I had not watched the movie yet .  While watching it there was a time I was so excited that I was sitting on the edge of my chair.  There was another time when my heart started getting louder with much fright.  It was an amazing movie, I would highly recommend it!

By: Renelda

New Years Junkanoo




This year for the New Years Jr.Junkanoo, our theme was the zodiac
signs.  We had 14 dancers and 8 musicians.  We did the parade from
Hope Town Primary to Captain Jacks and we looped back around.
Some people were on their balconies, and some people joined
at the back with there own instruments.  There were 3 on
the tums, 4 on the base, and 2 on the scrapers.  We had a
massive crowd -people even traveled from Marsh Harbour to be there.

I felt like I was in a volcano and cement blocks were on my shoulders.  It was hot, tiring, but very exciting!

By Cameron


Mayday ! mayday ! , the plane crashed down into the ocean like a pelican after a fish. One by    one we filed out of the crumpled mess in the shallow sea . People were thrashing around like a schoolo of fish swimming from a shark . We piled up onto the shore like seals . One by one we waklked away to find shelter . My friend max and i found a cave . Inside was lined with pots and pans and bamboo . We were amazed to find a man in it ! He looked like a hobo except he was wearing a ragged uniform of some sort . He picked up a coconut and he was poised to throw it . We tried to run but fell flat on our faces . That is all i remembered before i woke up……


We woke up in the damp dark cave.  I was on a old straw mat.  The man was rubbing vinegar on my head.   It stung like crazy!  There was a deep gash between my tired eyes.  Three  long weeks of boredom passed while I was healing.   When I was better, the old man made a bright signal fire .  A large ship went by, along with the days.   We waited in desperation and we began to wonder if they are out searching for us .  The next day, three helicopters landed on our tiny little island – I was amazed!  I was relieved we had been  found!

Every night I stare into the sky and wonder, is that island still there?  Is the man still there?  I will never know.  Or will I?

by Luke

Nine Lives

Nine Lives is a movie about a business man who never spends time with his family.  His daughter has a birthday and he hadn’t bought her present.  He knows she wants a cat but he hates cats but he eventually goes to a pet store.  He grabs the cat that keeps bothering him with the bowl that says Mr. Fluffypants.  His assistant called him to the top of his building.  He  falls off the top of the building and he is in the cat’s body.  Only one person can hear what he says and that is the pet store owner.  How will he get out of this mess?


Image result for nine lives


Movie review by, Maison

The Truman Show


The movie The Truman Show was released in 1998. I’m reviewing it is because I thought it has an interesting topic. It was about a man named Truman who was raised in an artificial environment. He lives in a small town surrounded by water.  When Truman was six, his father “died” on a sailboat and that gave Truman a fear of the water. Later in the film he begins to figure out that his “world” is fake.  Everything revolves around him and he is being filmed day and night for a hit TV show!  Millions of people are watching him throughout his whole life.  They have over five thousand cameras in the small little town, and he needs to find ways to get away from the cameras to escape from the creators of the film.  When Truman tries to get away on a sailboat to to escape the show, the producers throw water and wind in his way but he won’t back down.  Will he escape this terrible paradise?

It was an interesting movie and in case you want to watch I will leave the ending as a surprise.  I definitely recommend picking this movie up . It is one of my favorites and gets a ten out of ten in my book.  It is a family friendly movie and is a mix of drama and comedy.

Ps. It’s really weird when Truman’s wife tries to advertise food items

Will Ogden



The 5Rs are important to the earth because they could stop
pollution and keep garbage from filling up land fills.  Let
me tell you about what the 5Rs mean.

Number one: Reduce.  We could reduce
the waste of our energy.

Number two:Reuse.  We could reuse our water bottles.

Number three:Recycle.  We can recycle cans, bottles and paper.

Number four: Rethink.  We could rethink about throwing plastic cans away
and use less energy.

Number five:  Refuse.  You could refuse to throw plastic cans
away the trash.

by:  king Tyriek kelly