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Shadow Jumper

This is Maison from Hope Town Primary School.  Recently I’ve been reading a book called Shadow Jumper.  It is about a boy who is allergic to sunlight.  And while he was jumping on roofs through the shadows he finds a girl named Beth.  So they are after Jacks dad who can supposedly fix his skin.  But his father isn’t responding too his phone.  How will they find him?  And every time he steps in the sun he could get a life threatening burn.  Shocking rumors and dark secrets bombard them at every turn.  I totally recommend this book full credit to J.M Forster.


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    Everyone had been waiting for weeks but it finally happened. Prefects were being pinned! Most people were excited and nervous. Some were scared and felt they were going to explode in a good way. This is how it happened.

     It started on a Wednesday when Mr. Higgs was trying to call the sixth graders parents to tell them to come over and to tell their child to wear their regular school uniform rather that their P.E. uniform. When all sixth graders came to school, we already knew what was about to happen: Mr. Higgs WAS GOING TO PICK PREFECTS.  “DING-LING-A-LING” the school bell rang, and Mr. Higgs said ”Good morning students, teachers, and parents!  Today we are going to the media center.”  All the sixth graders were excited and the fifth graders just couldn’t wait for next year so they may have the same feeling. 

 When the prefects were going to be pinned, Ms. Amanda felt excited. Mr. Higgs said it was a mix of excitement, proud and nervous. While Ms. Laura was leading us and the parents to the lodge she was happy, excited, calm, and proud. I believe the parents felt excited, proud, and happy when the prefects were being pinned. 

 When we got there the media was displayed with beautiful androsian print withdelightful flowers with ”well uniformed badges”.


Prefetcts25 Prefetcts23





The exciting part was that everyone were picked for either junior prefect, prefect, head prefect, or deputy prefect.  Everyone is proud with the position they are in. Now it’s their responsibility to show as much kindness, help, and hard work to show that they are prepared for this job that they were honored to be given by Mr. Higgs, the principal.

By: Casey and Renelda 



Thanksgiving is tomorrow, therefore we were  curious to see what people were thankful for.  We interviewed the teachers in our school to discover what in there life they show gratitude for. Even though Thanksgiving is not a Bahamian holiday, we should always be thankful during the holiday season.  Remember that no matter what, you should take time every day to count your blessings.

Mr. Higgs -people in his life

Ms. Williams – family, money, life

Ms. Rolle – family

Ms. Donnika -family

Ms. Lora – life, god

Ms.Amanda -family, friends,life, everything


By Will and Tyrik

Fundraising at The Box Cart Derby

Grade six has been earning money at school events for the end of year Eluethera  trip.  Since the trip is so expensive, we do not have enough money yet to pay for all of the plane tickets.  We are going to be working a popcorn stand and a snow cone stand at the Box Cart Derby on Saturday at Big Hill.  If you stop by, you will see 5th and 6th grade students serving the treats at different times during the day.  If you go to the Annual Box Cart Derby please buy some delicious, fresh popcorn or a cool, sweet snow cone to enjoy while watching the show.

By: Casey

The Turtle Trot


This year’s turtle trot will be another success . I hope every body tries their  best. A lot of people don’t do the turtle trot to race, they do it to have fun. For those who are going to race , it is going to be a tough race.




Box Cart Derby

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Big Hill will be blocked off for the annual Big Hill Box Cart Derby. As usual, grade six will be selling snow cones and popcorn to raise money for the Eleuthera End of Year Trip. The school will also be racing. There are slolum and regular races for adults and kids. It costs money to enter the races. We hope that you’ll be there!

By Ryleigh

An Opinion Piece: The American Election


The American election for president is coming up on Nov. 8th and the two main candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  There are two other people running for president and they are named Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.  I for one would like Hillary to win because it would be interesting to see how America would be run with an woman’s point of view.  She is also very qualified because she has been in government for many years.   She was Secretary of State and she was also the senator of New York.  I think Donald trump is not respectful toward women and he has no experience in government.

by William Ogden

ps. This is only an opinion.

American Politics

In America, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are competing for the presidency.  They are not the only two candidates.  The others are Barry Johnson and Jill Stein.  Barack Obama is the current president and he is a democrat so he is most likely to support Hillary Clinton.

Next Tuesday, November 8th is the election day.  Most people used to think that Clinton was more likely to win, but recently she may have sent a private email message that has the F.B.I. searching and thinking that she may have sent classified information.  So now she has lost a few supporters.  People were listening to the debates and some are still deciding who to vote for.  This is going to be a hard decision.  Who would you vote for?


Honey Bees -On the Verge of Extinction?

All over the world, honey bees are dying out by the thousands.  This may cut our food supply drastically short!  They pollinate our plants so they can grow.  Why are honey bees dying?  There isn’t one reason, it’s more a combination of things that could be hurting the honey bees.  One reason is the pesticides used on crops like neonicotinoids.

“Neonicotinoids are used by farmers on about 140 different crops, including corn, canola and soy…. They do, however, kill bees by damaging their nervous systems, weakening their memories and impeding their ability to forage and fly.”  -US News, Nov. 13, 2015

Other things that hurt the honey bees are climate change (colder winters and warmer summers) and habitat loss.

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INTERVIEWS by H.T.P.S. Reporter, Luke:

Q:  What do you think will happen without honey bees?

A:  On an island like Hope Town, we won’t have as much produce.  -Journey

A:  We won’t have as much produce from plants.  -Maison

A:  We won’t be able to have certain foods.  -Ryleigh

A:  We will lose lots of food.  -Casey

Willard Bethel, out local beekeeper, provides delicious honey for us!

Well, now you know.  The news is out!  Good day.