Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was a killer storm. He killed over 900 people . All over Haiti and Jamaica house were destroyed. Trees were fallen on the ground, there were many power lines down and there were leaves every were. Let us pray for places all over who were affected by this storm.

Lord  we are so blessed for every thing you have gave to us. Lord thank you for guiding and protecting us lord we pray in your name.



By Devon


This week on the blog I am on Arts and Entertainment.  In this news category, you can review movies or books.  I’m going to review a movie.  I will be reviewing Zootopia.  It is a movie that came out this year.  It’s about a bunny named Judy Hopps who is a police officer in the  city of Zootopia.  Zootopia is a place where animals act like humans.  It’s not a real place though.  I better not spill the carrots. Get it!

I give this movie four stars out of five.

By Ryleigh

OBJ vs Josh Newman

Obj and the New York  Giants were playing against the Carolina Panthers.  In the second Quarter, Josh Newman pushed OBJ on the floor.  Then OBJ came and pushed him back on the floor.  Josh Newman hit him back!  Then OBJ came and rushed at him and speared him with his helmet in the head.  Josh Newman got injured and he left the game.  I don’t think this was a good example of sportmanship for all the younger kids watching.

by Denage Kelly