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The NBA Finals

It’s the NBA finals and the Cavaliers have lost the first two games to  the Warriors.  Last year the Warriors won the NBA championship and Lebron went in the locker room and started crying.

I predict that this year the Warriors going to beat the Cavaliers 4-0.

The reason why the Warriors win is because they practice hard and play their very best.  Their motto is “strength in numbers and team work”.

By Tyrike, 5th Grade

Pokemon Theme Song short version

Poke’mon got to catch em allll,, Poke’mon I know its my destiny,, Poke’mon ohh your my best friend in a world we must defend,, I will travel across the land searching far and wide, Poke’mon will be my side to protect and to survive. Poke’mon!!         ( real song Poke’mon Theme Song about 3:45 minutes)



The Best Day

fyfxIt is a good day. It is a fun day, I love to be outside . I love to smell the flowers. It is the best day  when i had nothing to do but water the garden.  In our garden we have all sorts of fruits and vegetables. We always have to pick some stuff from the garden, we use most of it for our food .  We gave the vegetables to the teachers for appreciation day, to show respect  and to give thanks to them for all the education and fun stuff they do.  So i want to send a shout out to all the teacher around the world.



Tyrike, Cameron, Trey, Devon

Helping Roby 2

Last time on helping Roby 2 a girl named Violet fixed a version two robot and named it Roby 2.

I can check the internet to see if there is anything about a new robot Violet said. They have a secret internet they post new robots on. That’s the one I’m  on. I found something. Oh no Roby 2 they are looking for you and all they need is you. You are the last ingredient to sacrifice and make the ultimate destroyer.

Tune in next time to find out what happens!

By (this will be reveled on the last episode)?