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The Track Meet

Almost there, almost there and….finished! I was almost finished, I felt like I was going to faint. Third place wasn’t bad for my first time doing the 400 in the Track Meet. I walked across the hot steaming track to get over to the tent where my team was there congratulating me on. Katie, Allie,and Skylar were all standing around me hugging me and offering me gatorade. When the cool refreshing drink touched my tongue, I felt much better!


The Somme

The somme

Eeeeeeeeeeeep! The whistle blew we climbed up the parapet

into the the hue walking along that foggy day men started whirling

in different ways the shells started falling and we started charging

I felt something hit me ”ow a dog bit me!” I fell in a shell hole and that’s where i’ll stay….

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Luke Prosa  grade 5

The Beautiful Garden

At Hope Town School we have such a beautiful garden . We grow things such as tomatoes, lettuce, radish, carrots, kale and sour oranges. When we have functions at school our food usually comes from our garden . We take care of all of our plants in our garden. That’s why every thing that comes out of there taste so good .

Our garden is most likely to be the most gorgeous thing in Hope Town! It’s not that big and not that small, it’s just the right size for our small school. I think we are lucky, because we’re the only school in Abaco that has a garden . Our salads are so tasty, our pasta oh you will want more!


one tiring day

Apr. 22 and 23 Abaco had a track meet. hope town did amazing like when Scotty came 1st in the 400 meter run. when the 400 relay came up they did good they came 3rd .Will Ogden ran 400 meter and came 4th but he made the finals.


Will Ogden; 400  Jeahnae ; 400 Elishsa ;400 Trey soft ball

and thanks to all of our coaches [ms Lisa ms. Amy ms. Hillary]13083222_10154114437039140_7983904412458986426_n                                                                                                                       By Devon Malone edited by Maison

Track Meet

On Thursday and Friday Apr.22 and Apr.23, the Hope Town Track team competed in the Inter school track meet. Some amazing highlights were,  Elisha with 3 firsts, boys track team came 3rd, and we came 6th out of 13 schools. Last year I think we came third. Overall everyone did fantastic for our 2nd time going.

Jack, Tyreke , Cameron, and Me Maison ran the 4×4 relay for boys.




By Maison Koepke

Head Girl

I feel I could be Head Girl, because I believe in myself and I show responsibility in my ways and actions! I also believe I could be Head Girl, because I love to help others, I work hard at school, l have strong faith, and last but not least I try to be a leader.

I believe I could be Head Girl beacause I am responsible in how I behave and how I control the way I behave, also I never give up. I know I could be the example that the teachers want and that is why I am writing this today.

I also believe I should be Head Girl, because I love to help children who don’t have the same opportunities as me. I have an idea of something called The Giving Box where everyone in the whole school brings something that they don`t need, or don`t use anymore. They put it in The Giving Box to help someone who really needs it, for free! Also, we could take donations to help us raise money for the Eleuthra trip for grade 6.

That is why I believe I should be Head Girl. I hope you liked my ideas and maybe use them to help others more than ourselves!


Hope Town School Garden

The beautiful garden at Hope Town School, the children

love it and think it’s so cool. The garden is so green

with all of its creatures, all with interesting types of


Kale so pale when it sprouts out of the ground, it does not

have a shape and it’s definetly not round. Purple and green

sometimes it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!

Seagrapes are green when they’re not perfectly ripe,

but when they’re purple they’re all right!

Carrots not yet orange, sleeping underground,

with the caterpillers and worms squirming around.

Mushrooms orange, white, and brown, you should

watch your step cause they’re ready to bound.

Tomatoes so tasty and red, all sprouting up from their beds.

Sour Oranges so orange and bright, it tastes so sour

when you take a bite.

The garden so beautiful and so frail. With all of it’s vegetables

such as kale. Flowers and fruits with all of their roots

nestling in the ground, in the little village of Hope Town.

Journey, Ryleigh, Luke