Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Cat Spoke to Me !!!!!!

The Cat spoke to me in the night, but I could not  see. He said Lisa,Lisa!!!  At first I thought he said  pizza pizza.   I got up and turned on the lights.   He looked at me with his mysterious eye sight.  I came closer he ran away ,  But I hope he does not come again the next day !!!!

Mr Crocodile

Mr. Crocodile I went to the door and I gave a little knock, and when someone opened it I saw it was a Croc. His teeth were like knives,  his hair was like straw, he had a big beard and many sharp claws. I said,hello in a squeaky little voice, he snorted back at me, I guess he had no choice. He scanned me over with his big black eyes, to him it was a big surprise. He growled as loud as thunder and then he shut the door. See you later Mr. Crocodile, I promise I will never knock on your door.

Ryleigh S.

 The Sailing Race

It was Saturday afternoon ,and everyone was out watching the race. I was one of the racers .My friend Dawson was number 4 . Maitland and Colby were in it also .BANG! ,the gun shot and the regatta began. I was in the lead . The wind blew in my face . The waves splashed against my sail. All of a sudden , number 3 capsized . I raced to number 3. I threw my makeshift conch shell anchor into the water . I dove into the cold mix of wind and sea. Together Frye and I turned his boat over. However, we were not in the lead any more . Pretty soon the race ended.  Even though we did not win , we were happy we competed in the awesome , amazing race.

Sailing update

Last week Jack, Colby ,and I went to sailing. We collected junk off the beach and made sailing boats. Then, we sailed them in a race . Mine sank but almost came first. In the meantime , I hopped back to the club and got my cut cleaned, because I got it cut on a sharp rock. Jack came first , and Colby came second . Overall, it was a fun race.

by Luke Prosa