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Silhouettes in Photography

The sixth graders are learning some neat photography skills.  Last week we worked on how to create an interesting silhouette image.

Here are some tips they would like to share:

  1.  It is great to have the light behind the subject.
  2. The subject should be doing something interesting, not just standing with their hands by their sides.  You need to see separation between the limbs.
  3. A “clean background” is best -you don’t want it cluttered with trees or powerlines.
  4. Sometimes the photographer needs to get really low to the ground so we see more of the subject and the clean background.

Here is an example of when the tips are not being followed:



Here are three images where we tried to keep all the tips in mind.  Next time we will try to get all the feet off the ground for more separation!





Romar Takes 3rd!

IMG_7272Last Saturday, November 28, was the Boxcart Derby. The Hope Town School racers were Lauren Sandberg, Jasmin Aberle, and Grant Malone. They raced in the genouresly donated Romar. Derrik Sandberg, Pat Mcully, and Morgan Stebbins repainted and fixed up the Romar. After taking a close look at the Pencil, we have decided to retire it due to soft wood. All three racers did very well, and led Hope Town School to third place in the juinors! Hope Town School raised 631$ for the 6th graders Eluethera Trip at the end of the year. We had facepainting, popcorn, and snowcones! Congratulations Hope Town!!!!!!!!


By the way, the passage above has been modified to show presisly 100 words, 122 words counting this sentence we are writing right now.

By Lauren and Katie