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News Report about the Science Fair

Harmony reporting about the Science Fair!  This was shot the day before the big event, and we are happy to report that Hope Town did in fact win first place again for both lower and upper primary.



Anna for writing the report and shooting the video

Harmony for being the reporter

Ryelle as a production assistant

Janeahy for shooting still photography

This Day in History November 18

This Day in History
1976 Spain turned into a democracy with the election of  Adolfo Suarez.



1883 Standard time started in the U.S.

Standard time in time zones began in the U.S. and Canada  because  the railroads wanted it.  Before  that, time of day was determined by cities and towns  by using  church clocks or sun dials. towns used some form of local solar time. Not everyone was happy at first.



1820 Captain Nathaniel Palmer discovered Antarctica. during the Austral summer of 1820. The young sea captain was part of a five ship fleet of sealers under the general command of Benjamin Pendleton. He was sent  to study some unusual sightings and he accidently discovered  a new continent. He was  on Palmer’s 40-ton cutter, named Hero.




By Colby Stebbins

Information from,,




Hope Town in Photos

Historical walk.

Historical walk.

Beauty all around us.

Beauty all around us.

Lisa enjoying the history of our beautiful town.

Lisa enjoying the history of our beautiful town.

Our beautiful beaches.

Our beautiful beaches.

What a sad day, the Sugar Shack is closed.

What a sad day, the Sugar Shack is closed.

These photos were taken by the Lauren, Grant, Lisa and Janeey, students in the 6th grade class. They are learning to see the beauty and the history that surrounds them.  Walking around  town with a camera encourages the students to stop and take a closer look instead of running by.




The Junkanooo is back in business and Hope Town Primary is ready to be part of it. The school got new drums so you know this year is going to be great!  When you hear the drums  you will be dancing to the beat and rhythm. Junkanoo is not just about the music it is about the culture and how to experience your  happiness and feelings and make new friends. So do not miss it!

Harmony, Ryelle, Eljdini

New Youth Workers

The new youth workers have arrived. They were supposed to be here in September but were delayed due to incomplete work permits. They arrived on Halloween. Their names are Ben and Mary. They started church services last Sunday November 9th.  Youth group started also! We are all excited to get to know them better and welcome them to our community.