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Nature Walk, Identifying Plants Near the Hope Town School

On Wednesday, October 21st, the photo group went for a little photo walk around the Hope Town school yard.  There are so many different kinds of trees and plants in our midst!  Thanks to Ryelle and Elijini for the photography and thanks to Colby for the descriptions of what we photographed.






                                             Coconut Palm




                                  Gum Elemi







2015 National Optimist Races

Isn’t Abaco lucky that they got to host the 2015 Optimist National races? Sailors came from as far as Nassau, Grand Bahama and Harbour Island. It was sad that Long Island wasn’t able to make it, due to the hurricane.
It was a great weekend to sail because of the strong winds. The races took place on Saturday and Sunday. There were a total of 4-6 races on Saturday and 2-3 races on Sunday. Scores were then combined to see who won!
There were two fleets one was the green fleet, for children that haven’t raced before and the champion fleet, for expert racers from across the nation. Hope Town Primary school had 3 racers, Colby Stebbins, Maison Koepke and Jack Guinness.
For the first time ever a sailor from Abaco won the overall competition, Brandon Sands!

The Hope Town school choir sang the National Anthem at the closing ceremonies. Check out our video.
If you want to learn how to race so you can be in next years races you can join the Hope Town junior sailing classes!



By Janee, Grant and Lisa S

The Hope Town School Choir

Hope Town primary school choir perform in many places such as the Marsh Harbour Science Fair,  the light house celebration and at our own school. The choir sings many songs such as Jimmy Bang, Naughty Johnny, and Hip to Hop and The Mail. Hope Town School choir started in 2014 by a teacher called Ms. Donella Rolle. Thanks to her we have learned to practice together and have learned to sing Bahamian songs. We have 20 singers and two drummers. The Choir practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at  12.00 right after the singers finish eating  lunch. The song we practice the most is the National Athem.  

Reporting from Hope Town!

There was a recent fire at Hope Town’s beloved Sugar Shack!

Thank you to Ryelle for reporting on the situation, Colby for taking dictation, Harmony for holding the cards, and Eljini for the camera work.  This hard-working group gathered facts, wrote the report and made the video in less than 30 minutes.

We are looking forward to creating more videos about Hope Town Primary school and life on Elbow Cay.


Optimist Nationals Postponed

The optimist nationals race which were going to be in Hope Town were rescheduled because of the hurricane. Many of the teams could not make the trip here because their flights were cancelled. The races are rescheduled for Saturday and Sunday October 17 and 18.

Stay tuned for more information on the results of the races!


Artwork Grant, Editor Maitland, Story by Ryelle

What cooperation means to me.

 Hey guys its Harmony and Janae and, were here to talk to you about cooperation . Cooperation is a special thing to us, because we get to share ideas and work together.  In class we are learning about cooperation and  working together .  We learn to cooperate everyday for example, during choir days with Mrs. Rolle  we cooperate when singing by working together.

In sports we cooperate by playing as a team and talking our problems through such as: soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming , hockey and more . While we are writing this, Harmony and I are  cooperating and its really fun !

by Harmony and Janae




Global Warming

Busted Blizzard The polar bears generation was dying out. They needed more food, and the ice was slowly but surely melting. Blizzard, a six year old polar bear couldn’t bare it. But there was nothing she could do now. It was up to mankind to save them, but they were doing nothing to help. Blizzard and her family searched for hours, and hours, finding nothing but one skinny seal to eat. The ice was melting faster than anyone could imagine. Sadly, their den was already part of the ocean. Polar bears were dying every day now, because they needed more food, and the ocean levels were rising quickly. Few polar bears survived this tragedy, and those who did got stuck in zoos.

Blissful Blizzard The polar bears generation was thriving. They had just the right amount of food, and the ice had stopped melting, and was holding up. Blizzard, a six year old polar bear was thrilled of her environment. The human kind had saved them. Everyone now considered them heroes.  Blizzard and her family were stuffed. After eating a plentiful meal of seals and penguins, Blizzard and her siblings played a game of tag on the miles of ice and snow. All the polar bears were happy, healthy, well fed, and plentiful. It was a good life for the polar bears.
Global Warming Global Warming is destroying polar bear family’s similar to Blizzards family in the story “busted blizzard”. How does global warming happen? When factories and motor vehicles burn fuel, it releases harmful wastes into the air in the form of gas. This polluted air can not disappear. The ozone layer protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiations from the sun. But because the gas, aerosol spray cans, air conditioners, refrigerators, and polystyrene is destroying the ozone layer, there is now a hole in the layer, above the continent of Antarctica- where the polar bears are. Which story would you want to happen with the polar bears?

What can we do to help?
We can ride bikes, electric cars, and horses instead of motor vehicles, so that we don’t waste gas. Don’t waste electricity! Turn off the lights when you are not using them. Also, RECYCLE!!! ♻ Plant a tree! Try animal products other then cow products like goat milk, goat cheese, tofu, bacon, pork, chicken, or other non cow products. Cows release methane into the environment, which is very harmful.

By Lauren Sandberg and Katie Lederhause