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Lion Fish

Lion fish
The Red Lion fish can grow to an adult size of more than 17 inches. The body is thick and has altering vertical white, brown or maroon strips. The head has little spikes and fleshy growths above the eyes and below the mouth. The pectoral fin is a distinctive fan shape and the dorsal spines are huge and separated. The dorsal, pelvic and anal spines are venomous.

Lion fish is a native fish that is found in the Indo-Pacific region. It popular in aquariums. It was released from aquariums into the  North Carolina beaches and started to reproduced rapidly, spreading south to Florida then to the Bahamas

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Whats New in Sports

Football: The Hope Town Bull Sharks are back in town,  ready and better than ever for their first game of the season !
On that note our first game is said to be October 10th 2015. There is a  family football fundraiser this Friday for the Bull
Sharks at Taylor park, so come on down and support us!