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Box Cart Derby

On the 25th of November our annual Box Cart Derby will be held at Big Hill on Elbow Cay.  Many people make their own box carts and decorate them however they want to.  The Box Cart Derby is when members of the community go to Big Hill and bring box carts to race.  Our school will be participating in the race with our own box car.   We are not sure yet who will be racing it but it will be a 6th grader.  The rest of our sixth grade class will run the food stands and sell snow cones, popcorn, and other delicious snacks. We will be raising money for our 6th grade Eleuthera trip.  There will be raffles, t-shirts, and many other exciting events!  Anyone can participate if they have a box cart.  We hope to see you there.

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Hope Town School Can Drive

Each November, we do a school competition called the Can Drive. It supports the elderly and those in need within our community by giving canned foods. The team that wins (by getting the most cans in) gets a team pizza on Friday. The teams are Wahoos, Marlins, Barracuda, and Grouper. Though it is a competition, we still strive to help as many people as we can. If you have a kid going to Hope Town School I encourage you to help your team and the people in our community by giving you child a few cans or dried goods like pasta or rice.*Image result for canned food

*Please only give cans without dents or rust. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By: Jack

UPDATE:  The Groupers won again!!  Thank you Miss Stephanie for these great photos.

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Halloween is coming up on Tuesday October 31st.  I am super excited.  On Halloween you can transform into whatever you want to become.  Halloween was originally called hallows eve and was celebrated towards  honoring the dead.  Also, people believed that dressing in costumes would be a way to hide from ghosts.  Did you know that cats have been a part of Halloween for centuries?  Priests used to use cats to as a ritual to try and predict the future.  How cool is that?  Also, trick or treat used to be when the poor went to peoples door and traded food for prayers.  In Hope Town we go trick or treating on our mini streets at night and we have an amazing haunted house that the parents organize.  It’s truly a spine tingling experience.

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By:Allie Lederhause

Story Book Character Parade

October 31st is going to be a very busy day.  First off it’s Halloween, but earlier in the day there will be a parade.  This is a parade celebrating story book characters.  The children of Hope Town Primary will dress up or bring their costume to school and parade around town for the community to see.  The rules of this parade is: you must wear clothes/costume from a story book, and it has to be originally from a book for example ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  Once the children are ready they will march down to the ‘Post Office’ with their teachers, take photos, and march back up to school.  Also during the parade their will be secret judges who will judge the students by grade.  Awards go to who is the most creative and who is the most original.  We hope to see you there since the kids have been waiting all year for this event.

By: Meredith


Italian Night!

Tuesday October the 17th is Italian Night at Hope Town Primary.  It will be from 5:00 to 6:30 P.M.  We are hosting it to raise money towards modifying the school.  For example we need to have the school painted and a roof fixed.  There will be lasagna, spaghetti, salad, and meatballs.  There will be drinks and deserts too.  It is open to the community for everyone to enjoy.  We hope to see you there!                                                      

By:  Allie

Music Recital

The music recital is coming up next Friday!  It is for everyone to show off their talents and what they can do.  I will be playing the guitar and singing.  Lots of my friends will also be performing on stage.  Some of the people who are performing have done music lessons.  The incredible teachers are Mr. Justin and Mrs. Carly.  We have all worked really hard and hope that everyone can come.  I am very excited and a little nervous because this is my first year playing the guitar in the recital.

By: Allie

This is a picture of the amazingly talented Summer!

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Sushi Night!

On Friday, May 19th, parents of Grade 6 are rolling sushi and selling them at the Hope Town School.  They will be available for pick up at the Hope Town Media Center between 4:30 and 6:00pm.  There will be ”Current Cut” for $12.00, ”Glass window Bridge” for $10.00 and more. Pre-ordering is not available, just swing by and grab a roll!  First come, first serve!

All the money goes to the Grade 6 Eleuthera trip.  Keep Calm and Eat Sushi!

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By: Meredith

Election Time

               Last week in the Bahamas there was the big election to see who would be the next governing party.  The polling station in Hope Town was at the library.  After people voted, a lot of adults had purple thumbs because you have to stamp your thumb so you can not go back and vote again.  Everyone was very interested to see who would win.  The FNM or Free National Movement took control of parliament winning 35 seats and the PLP winning 4 seats in the House of Assembly.  The leader of the FNM is the Honorable Hubert Minnis.  Also, the Honorable Perry Christie retired from politics.  Now the PLP has to pick a new leader.  It was a very intense election.

By: Allie

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The Swim Meet

The Hope Town Abaco Swim Meet is coming in up in less than two weeks.  The majority of Abaco schools like Agape are going to compete.  I am going compete and a bunch of my classmates are going to the meet.   I get really nervous when I’m about  to start my race.  When the race is over I feel relieved and very,  very tired.   We have a high chance of winning this year since most of the winning  swimmers are in seventh grade now.   Hope you can make it at the Hope Town Abaco community pool on the 26 of May, 2017.

By: Ella

Hope Town Ballet

April 15th was the ‘Hope Town School Ballet Recital’.  It was called “The Mermaid and The Easter Egg”.  Fina Divina was the main character.  The first dance of the night was by Group 2.  They were the “Dancing Diva Mermaids”.  Next, Group 3 did their dance called “Eggy Situation”.  After Group 3, Group 1 did their piece called “Follow Fina”.  Then Group 3 did another dance which was their “Improvisational”.  After that Reed and I did a hip-hop dance.  I was the Sea Witch and Reed was the Hip-Hop Clam.  Once we finished, Renelda the “Sea Fairy Godess” did her dance (I think she was the best).  When Renelda was finished, Sam and Marissa did their “Squid and the Seahorse” dance.  Once everything was finished we all had a free dance.  This was a very successful night and the whole entire Community Center was packed with people.

By Meredith