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My Last Year

My memories of my last year at Hope Town Primary begins with my rewarding moments.  I was happy to start the year knowing I had passed grade five.

The best moment was getting the honor of being the Deputy Head Girl.  It was my pleasure to take that place.  Some funny moments were when Mr. Higgs told us his ‘punny’ jokes.  

To keep it in balance, a sad part was leaving Eleuthera.  My low-light is when we G.L.A.Ts were beginning; it was really intimidating.  The most unhappy moment of my last year is going to be leaving the best male teacher in Hope Town Primary School.  I’ll miss everyone.   

By:  Stephanie

The Best Year Ever!

    This year was a roller coaster ride full of adventures.  I had the honor of being chosen as our school’s head girl.  I was also placed third runner up in the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year competition.  Since the function was held in Nassau, I went to Atlantis and had a blast getting splashed on the rides!  Over spring break, my family and I traveled to France and rode electric bikes through the mountains.  We saw the Eiffel Tower, ate macaroons, and even witnessed the Notre Dam burn down.                                         

  Towards the end of the year, our class traveled to Eleuthera for our graduation trip.  We jumped off of blue holes and ate a lot of pineapples.  Another great highlight was all of Mr.Higgs’ wonderfully puny jokes. The only lows of the year, were tests, G.L.A.T.S, and of course, knowing that I have to leave.

By:  Skylar


Watch out HTP students, because exams are next week!  It’s time to start going over everything you have learned since September, so you can impress your teachers, friends, and parents.  Fortunately for some of us, grade 3 and 6 have already taken their end of year tests.  Remember to do your best, because summer is right around the corner.

By:  Skylar

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Visiting Eleuthera with my class was a one in a lifetime experience, that I will always remember. We tried activities, such as snorkel drifting, cliff jumping, scary story telling, and of course, had amazing food. One day, I leaped off of an enormous cliff into a crystal clear blue hole. The thrill of being about to land was phenomenal. One night, we played an awesome board game that all got us laughing by the end. Although the trip was super fun, there were some lows. Many nights I had trouble falling asleep and I had cuts, bruises, and fire coral all over my body.

Thank you Mr. Higgs for making this trip possible.

By: Skylar 

Field Day

Field day was exciting we started out with some warm-ups. Then we did some of the events like soft ball throw, relay , sprint, long jump , lime and spoon , and tug of war.  It was pretty fun but we were very tired from some of the events like relay and sprint. The winning team was the Baracudas, second place was to the Groupers, the Baracudas beat them by one point. Third place went to Wahoo and forth went to Marlin.

By Danel

International Night


April, Tuesday the 9th from 5:30-7:00pm is International Night. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a fun event when 5th and 6th grade do a project on a country and they find information about the country. There will be food according to which the country is from.You should come it will be amazing! Everyone in the community is invited (the food will taste good)!

By: Meggan