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Field Day

Field day was exciting we started out with some warm-ups. Then we did some of the events like soft ball throw, relay , sprint, long jump , lime and spoon , and tug of war.  It was pretty fun but we were very tired from some of the events like relay and sprint. The winning team was the Baracudas, second place was to the Groupers, the Baracudas beat them by one point. Third place went to Wahoo and forth went to Marlin.

By Danel

International Night


April, Tuesday the 9th from 5:30-7:00pm is International Night. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a fun event when 5th and 6th grade do a project on a country and they find information about the country. There will be food according to which the country is from.You should come it will be amazing! Everyone in the community is invited (the food will taste good)!

By: Meggan

Eleuthera Grade Six Trip

Eleuthera is the future of Grade Six. Pink sand beaches, caves, twenty-foot, thirty-foot, forty-foot jumps! Pineapples and the Glass Window Bridge. Excellence brings the E in Eleuthera!

Ms Liz is going to be there helping us. She has a big load on her shoulders but we know she can handle it.

Eleuthera is roaming in our heads but we need to do GLATS first.

We might be scared to jump off the cliffs but it’s a challenge that we have to face.

It’s going to feel like Fantasia to be there!! It’s our island oasis.

By Stephanie

Valentines Dance

The Valentines dance was a total blast! The children and their parents celebrated all night long, while Grade 6 raised money for their Eluethera trip by selling food. The music was blasting loud while everyone was jumping and laughing to their heart’s content. Kailey, Samantha, Stephanie, Meggan, Skylar, and Eleisha even participated in a dance competition. Overall, it was a super fun night, so don’t forget to thank Mr, Higgs and all the teachers and parents who helped make the the dance possible!

By: Skylar

Picture day!

Wednesday 13th of March is picture day!  Every class is going to be taking pictures.  There will be class pictures and individual pictures of your child.  All children must be dressed in their best uniform, with hair brushed or braided neatly for their picture. Don’t send your money in on Wednesday because the pictures won’t be ready then.

By: Meggan

School Christmas Performance and Party

On December 14th, Friday, there will be the school performance at Hope Town Primary School.  There will be a performance by the students and then in the afternoon, there will be refreshments for the students -like candy!  I hope there are a lot of beverages.  This day will be a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.  It will be an exciting event!

By:  Nick

The Christmas Review at Hope Town Primary

Next Friday there will be a Christmas program at Hope Town Primary School.  Each class gets to perform a song, poem, or skit.  It’s starts at 9:30am on Friday, December 14th, 2018.  All parents and caregivers are invited to come.  The 6th grade will be performing a skit!  You will enjoy a variety of skits, songs and poems we perform for you.  Happy Holidays!

By Meggan