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Easter Bunny

Attention everyone! Easter is approaching and there is news that there’s no candy. Someone or something stole it all -there is not even a wrapper in sight. Please help us or there will be no candy, chocolate bars, nothing to activate your blood pressure this year. If you’re hearing this, Easter bunny, we will fire you. You are doing a horrible job, stealing candy from children! We’ve taught you better than this.

By; Stephanie

An Early Visit From the Easter Bunny!

News flash!!!

Last night at 11:45p.m, a couple was taking a nice late night walk when they encountered the large bunny staring at them from a coconut tree. A few other sightings occurred at 5:00p.m when a van full of preschoolers started yelling and shouting. Their mother could have sworn she saw a huge white blur bouncing wildly. It looks like the Easter bunny may have visited our island early this year. Lets just hope there aren’t any baby bunnies roaming around too!

That’s all for today on Hope Town School Blog.

Tune in next time!

Skylar O.

Parrot fish

Whenever you go to the warm, sunny, sandy beach do you ever sit on the sand. Well did you know that you’re actually sitting on scat. Scat is animal waste that we all recognize as Poop. Parrot fish nibble off of coral reefs and drop off poop everywhere and then the sand gets washed off to the shore. So parrot fish do a great part in our life. Parrot fish besides the poop are beautiful marine animals.

By; Stephanie P.


There are many animals out there in the sea but why take so many. Well, we won’t have any more to seafood eat and the environment would be ruined.  As Bahamian’s, we eat conch.  Do you know how many conch are exported out of The Bahamas each year? 600,000+ pounds. So please protect waters and all sea life, by not over fishing, also watch  out for poachers, and never take a conch that  is a juvenile with less than a 15mm  lip thickness.  Lastly, I’d like you to congratulate grades 5 and 6 for coming in 1st place at the annual Science Fair.   Each year Hope Town either comes first or second in the Science Fair, held at New Visions in Marsh Harbour.


By: Monica

The Sea Cow

The local manatee, or sea cow, named Randy has been visiting Elbow Cay Harbour, so I though I should tell you a few facts about this marine mammal.

  1.  Did you know that manatees eat 7-15% of their body weight each day?
  2.  The closest relatives to the manatee is the elephant.
  3. Manatees can weigh up to 2,000 pounds!
  4. Manatees have three to four nails on each flipper.
  5. Their brains are smooth.
  6. They have no natural predators.
  7. Manatees are normally slow but they can swim up to 20 mph.
  8. They can live up to 60 years old.
  9. There are four types of manatees:  the West Indian Manatee, the Florida Manatee, the Amazonian Manatee, and the West African Manatee.
  10. Finally,  manatees are nearsighted and can see in blue, green, and gray—but not red!                                                                                                                                                                         By: Jack