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“Hey mom, can I go to Madison’s house?” Caroline yelled from her room.  Mrs. Anderson stomped upstairs and went to her husband and asked if he was making dinner.  Caroline thought it was odd they had ignored her.  “Hey I can come, I’ll be there at seven” Caroline texted Madison.  She didn’t text back.  Caroline didn’t care so she put down her phone and went to pack her black and white poke-a-dot bag.  She went downstairs to get snacks from the kitchen.  and she realized something was different.  A picture of her and her family looked off.  Caroline looked closely.  She stared and stared .  Then she realized what was missing.  Caroline wasn’t in the photo.  She was shocked, but she thought it was okay she would just talk to her mom later.  Then Caroline went along to get the snacks from the kitchen and went back up to her room.  Once Caroline got back upstairs she realized what time it was, she had to leave.  Caroline grabbed her bag and rushed to her car.  She got to the garage and realized her car wasn’t there.  So Caroline decided to walk Madison’s house since it wasn’t that far.  It was only 3 or 4 blocks down the street.  While Caroline was walking, she ran across a few neighbors, but when she said hi they didn’t say hi back.  It was odd it seemed like Caroline wasn’t real.  It was like she was a ghost.  Caroline quickly ran to Madison’s house and rang the doorbell it didn’t work.

Then Caroline realized what happened.


By: Meredith

Anna and the Days of Sorrow

Fifteen years ago, there was a young girl named Anna.  She was 6 years old and lived on 666 Avenue with her Grandmother Lucy.  Lucy always wore a black dress with a skull on the back of it to show her love for dark arts.  The skull was normally hidden by her long brown hair.

One day Anna went out to get some books from the library, and when she came back her Grandmother, was not breathing!  Anna started sobbing and ran into the kitchen to grab the phone and call 911 when she heard a banging coming from her room.  There was a big hole in the floor.  Creak!  The door closed behind her.  The Devil had possessed her teddy bear. The old dirty teddy bear lept out at her and grabbed her by the neck.
She grasped the teddy bear with both hands and ripped it off of her. She bolted out of the house and started sprinting. Anna ran ’til her legs gave out and collapsed right there on the sidewalk.  In the morning she awoke in a strange place.  There standing right in front of her was a tall long haired girl in a bloody white dress with an ax in her hand.

Anna struggled to get up but soon as she was standing, everything went black.  She woke up to a bloody ax lying on the floor and herself hovering above the ground.  She too was now dead.


Back to School

I’m back to school with a new tool

In my brain because all grades

should gain.

After high school you

be off to college with the knowledge

if you keep your head up, you can soar

through the sky with a mighty eagle

by your side!

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By :Monica

















































“Your food is ready sir”, called out a waiter at the restaurant nearby.  A man rushed inside to quickly picked up his food, which was placed inside a styrofoam container, which was inside a plastic bag.  He walked out onto his old wooden dock nearby, that creaked every time someone stepped on it.  He quickly removed  the plastic bag and threw it into the rough ocean.  It rapidly blew away in the current of the water.  He removed the rope that tied his boat to the dock and he rode away on the rough waves.

That night the wind had picked up, and a huge storm grew.  It was horrible.  Rain slashed down and thunder roared in the sky.  Everything was blowing around.  The next morning the sea was calm and seagulls soared above.  The man’s scuba tanks were leaning against his bedroom wall.  and he thought about going to dive later that day. Hours had passed until he was finally dressed and ready to go out and dive.

The water was cold and deep blue.  He was swimming gracefully down, down into the ocean until everything was dark.  Something white, and almost looked like fog, was attached to his goggles.  He panicked, and soon let go of the tube that carried oxygen to his mouth.  He started swallowing a lot of saltwater.  That was when he had realized it was a plastic bag, and the worst part was that it was the exact same plastic bag he had thrown into the water.  He did not have enough air to breathe and he soon sank down to the bottom of the sea, where he would rest in peace.  His death was the same as many sea animals who are killed by plastic.

By, Journey Higgs


Live Forever


Based on the sounds from the App “Audio Jack”

As I glanced up at the sky I saw him it was… Snape!  With black evil eyes and fuzzed black hair. He looked at me and said… ”do you”.  I didn’t know what that meant, I threw myself into some bushes hoping he wouldn’t see me.  Suddenly, ”Woof! Woof! Woof!” it was Sirius black, we were facing each other eye to eye and Sirius started to talk and said ”do you!”  I didn’t know what that meant.  First it was Snape, the Sirius… I wondered who else I would see!  As I looked behind me Sirius was gone. I wondered what type of world this was and I knew if I didn’t run away I might as well see Voldermort!  Woosh! There I went I heard a ssssssssound, I just knew it would be my end!  I looked back and saw, Snape, Sirius and….  Voldemort. They repeated again saying ”do you?”  This time they finished their sentence and they gave me a giggle. ”Do you want to build a snowman!”

By: Renelda

The Siberian Tiger -a short story

The Siberian Tiger

(written while listening to the sounds on the app “AudioJack”)

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The waterfall was pouring bucket of water. The wind howled like a ghost. A tiger crept through the trees looking for food. Rain streamed down from the sky. A wild cow moaned and a bird flapped it’s wings. The wind roared harder and the tiger growled. A bird twerped, and out of the bushes something roared… a moan and a mysterious animal attacked the tiger. They growled and fought.

They fell splashing in the lake and then the tiger tore off the mysterious animal’s head! Then another mysterious animal behind the bushes retreated back into the forest, squealing in terror.

The tiger had his mysterious snack and ran off to his home.

By Withiery

The Tiger – A Fearless Tigers Battle For food.

The Siberian Tiger

(written while listening to the sounds on the app “AudioJack”)

Near a waterfall on a cold winters day a fearless tiger, hunts for its food. Its steps are like thunder, as it walks though the water. Black and white cows gaze in nearby fields. The tiger growls like a motor,   it has found food with one slash the food is dead it begins to take its prey to an unknown place. As it steps though the water the cows realize it has taken one of it’s most prized calf, a fight rises up it begins to rain they fight in the rain like savage bears. A bloody battle of claws and horns. The Tiger has won and feasts on its prey. Thunder crashes, the wind howls then silence.

By Jack