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World events on this day in history.

This Day in History: February: 13

1130: Innocent II is elected pope

1258: The Mongols capture Bagdad

1503: 13 Italian knights have a duel with 13 French knights

1545: William of Nassau becomes the prince of Orange

1566: St. Augustine, Florida, is erected

1575: Henry III is coronated

1601: The first East India Company voyage departs from London

1633: Galelio Galilei, goes to trial in Rome, for suggesting that the world revolves around the Sun

1668: Spain reconizes the soverighty of Portugal

1689: British Parliament adopts the Bill of Rights which puts limits on the monarch’s soverigh power

1692: Glencoe Massacre: 78 MacDonalds were killed in a private clan war, which was caused by the MacDonalds not pledging allegiance to King William

1693: William and Mary College opens in Virginia

1706: Battle at Fraustadt, between Swedes and Russians

1782: A French fleet occupies St. Christopher

1809: French capture Sargagossa

1861: Aberham Lincoln becomes president of the U.S.

1866: Jesse James robs his first bank

1942: Hitler cancels the invasion of England

1952: Rocky defeats Lee Savold in a boxing match




This Day in History

February 10th
1763: Treaty of Paris ends Seven Years War
1779: Battle of Carr’s Fort
1840: Queen Victoria of England marries Prince Albert
1904: Russia and Japan declare war on each other
1986: The largest mafia trial in history takes place in Italy
1894: Prime Minister Harold McMillan is born


by Colby Stebbins

This Day in History November 18

This Day in History
1976 Spain turned into a democracy with the election of  Adolfo Suarez.



1883 Standard time started in the U.S.

Standard time in time zones began in the U.S. and Canada  because  the railroads wanted it.  Before  that, time of day was determined by cities and towns  by using  church clocks or sun dials. towns used some form of local solar time. Not everyone was happy at first.



1820 Captain Nathaniel Palmer discovered Antarctica. during the Austral summer of 1820. The young sea captain was part of a five ship fleet of sealers under the general command of Benjamin Pendleton. He was sent  to study some unusual sightings and he accidently discovered  a new continent. He was  on Palmer’s 40-ton cutter, named Hero.




By Colby Stebbins

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