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“Hey mom, can I go to Madison’s house?” Caroline yelled from her room.  Mrs. Anderson stomped upstairs and went to her husband and asked if he was making dinner.  Caroline thought it was odd they had ignored her.  “Hey I can come, I’ll be there at seven” Caroline texted Madison.  She didn’t text back.  Caroline didn’t care so she put down her phone and went to pack her black and white poke-a-dot bag.  She went downstairs to get snacks from the kitchen.  and she realized something was different.  A picture of her and her family looked off.  Caroline looked closely.  She stared and stared .  Then she realized what was missing.  Caroline wasn’t in the photo.  She was shocked, but she thought it was okay she would just talk to her mom later.  Then Caroline went along to get the snacks from the kitchen and went back up to her room.  Once Caroline got back upstairs she realized what time it was, she had to leave.  Caroline grabbed her bag and rushed to her car.  She got to the garage and realized her car wasn’t there.  So Caroline decided to walk Madison’s house since it wasn’t that far.  It was only 3 or 4 blocks down the street.  While Caroline was walking, she ran across a few neighbors, but when she said hi they didn’t say hi back.  It was odd it seemed like Caroline wasn’t real.  It was like she was a ghost.  Caroline quickly ran to Madison’s house and rang the doorbell it didn’t work.

Then Caroline realized what happened.


By: Meredith


There are many animals out there in the sea but why take so many. Well, we won’t have any more to seafood eat and the environment would be ruined.  As Bahamian’s, we eat conch.  Do you know how many conch are exported out of The Bahamas each year? 600,000+ pounds. So please protect waters and all sea life, by not over fishing, also watch  out for poachers, and never take a conch that  is a juvenile with less than a 15mm  lip thickness.  Lastly, I’d like you to congratulate grades 5 and 6 for coming in 1st place at the annual Science Fair.   Each year Hope Town either comes first or second in the Science Fair, held at New Visions in Marsh Harbour.


By: Monica

Christmas Play

Every kid in Hope Town always looks forward to the Christmas Play. This year it is about a big bad wolf named Scrooge. He learns how to be kind, thankful, and loving in this amazing show. Hope you come along at the Hope Town community center.  The children have been practicing since October.

Image result for a fairytale christmas carol the musical                                                The tickets are sold for 20$ each person and sold at at Elbow Cay Properties.                                  The performances will be held on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of December.

By: Jack

YEEHA!! Aw man !!!

Last Saturday the 11 of November we had a game against the Wildhawgs and Falcons. Then when we went to play  Bing!! We had a touchdown and we caught an interception and made a touchdown again. Soon the score board was 24 to 0 . Interception! The Bullsharks are a boss…   touchdown the crowed goes wild! There is no stopping this team!! The score board was 30 to 6. TWWWEEEET  the whistle blew we won!!!!!  The second game passed for other junior teams to play. Macos  vs  I’m not sure who the other team was but the Macos beat them flat. Then it was our turn tough as bears we put on kleets it was time for us to give the Falcons a beating we got ready we played our game  strongly and pulled tricks to beat them . So far they had 24 points we had 0.  After 40 mins the game ended 27 to 7.

by; withiery

The Christmas Village

Each year Hope Town has a wonderful event called The Christmas Village. There is an ice skating rink, food stands, golfing, games, live music, and a raffle. You can join in the fun by visiting                                                                                                      December 16th, 17th, and 18th from 6pm to 9pm at the ball field. Hope you come! 🙂


New Roads

Recently the roads in Hope Town have been fixed The Jib to the Historical Museum.  The roads were full of cracks and now they’re completely flat.  People worked on the streets for days and days.  It cost $7,000 for the repairs and was paid for by donations of businesses and community members.  Also thanks to Abaco Construction for donating the equipment needed.  Now everyone is excited for the new roads.


By: Meredith


This is a time for love and a time for sharing.   We often take the little things for granted in life like the water we drink and the food we eat.  On thanksgiving we think how lucky we are even if we do not have much we should be grateful  to be alive.  Although you may not celebrate thanksgiving we should all still be thankful.  I am grateful for my family and friends.  On thanksgiving  my family has a big family dinner and we all go around the table saying what we are thankful for.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to say thank you and give thanks.


By Allie

Turtle Trot

Every year on the third Thursday of November, we have a fun competition called the Turtle Trot. This is when athletes young and old compete to see who will the race. There is a three mile race for adults and some kids and a school race for children. Our Trot is only one mile but it is still a great workout. It is much like the American Turkey Trot which is mostly the same. Though it is a competition we still strive to do our personal best and have a great time.                                                                               I challenge you to push yourself to the limits and race this Thursday!Image result for Hope Town Turtle Trot


 All the money in the 3 mile race goes to Friends Of The Environment!!!

By: Jack