Get Some Exercise

It’s beginning to get hot and it’s time to get sweaty and exercise. Soccer is coming up for Hope Town kids on Tuesdays at 5pm.   Sports are important  to play because  they are good for your health, it is fun, and people who learn a sport can teach others. Track and Field is for running and some Hope Town kids will participate in that event. Time to get out there, get sweaty, and go to the gym! Plus you can play sports with friends, games, and family members.

Information on Soccer: to play soccer with us you need to be 6-12 and you need a consent form with  $10.00 dollars attached.  The coaches  are coach Pete and coach Neil.  Thank you for teaching us to be better soccer players.


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by: Withiery

Sun Dried T’s

There is exciting news for Hope Town.  Sun Dried T’s is reopening!  They sell T-shirts,  swimsuits, flip flops, beach toys, sun shirts, tank tops, Bahamian candles and salt, pharmacy items, snacks, souvenir and more.  It is located under the new Hope Town Hideaways building which is across from Froggies next to the town parking lot.

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By: Meredith

Football National Champions!

This past Sunday the Hope Town Bull Sharks and The Makos won the Flag Football National Championship of the Bahamas! Abaco took first in every division; the peewees, the juniors, and even the seniors won their games! The peewee’s game was super close and the junior’s was a mercy rule, which is when a team is losing so badly that they get the ball at the other team’s five yard line! The seniors game was even pretty close too!  Abaco got a very joyful welcome when they got home to the Marsh Harbour airport, with people holding signs, clapping and cheering! I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

by:  Jack

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School Bake Sale!

On February 6th, 2018 Hope Town School 5th grade girls raised over 200 dollars for the mud community in Marsh Harbour.  About two weeks ago, many people lost their homes in a terrible fire. This money will be used towards clothes, mattresses/bed sheets, shoes, and other necessities.  Please support us by stopping by Hope Town Primary the next time we host a bake sale. The kids and parents of the mud community would greatly appreciate your donation.  Thank you to all the people that donated money yesterday -some people even gave a $50 or $20!

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For more information about the fire please visit: NewsPaper Article About The Fire


by:  Jack

The Ellipsis Shipwreck!

About 2 weeks ago, a boat known as the Ellipsis wrecked on our sandy beaches.  He had left from Puerto Rico to go to Saint Augustine. This problem occurred because of an anchor failure during a stormy night. Before it was wrecked it had been missing at sea for many nights. The wind led it to our island and when the anchor broke, they thankfully missed the reefs as they crashed to shore. It’s a miracle that both men survived with their two dogs.

The boat was left on the beach for a week until they scrapped the porthole windows, but this caused sand to build up inside the boat.  This weighed it down and very difficult to move.  They were attempting to make it into an artificial reef, but the sand held firm, and before they could do anything else, a day or so later, the rotting and moister caused it to crack. As of now, the waves will toss it to scrap.          Image result for Ellipsis ship wreck in hopetownIMG_0952

For more about this story, please visit the blog Femmes Fatales: Femmes Fatales


Shere Khan

Shere Khan is an a capella singing group from Princeton, New Jersey.  They came here to share their talents with us!  They performed Thursday February 1st at 1:00 p.m. at the Saint James Community Center.  Friday February 2nd at 6:00 they performed again at the same place.  It’s $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under twelve.  All the money raised went straight to the Saint James Community Center.

Shere Khan also came to the school to teach the kids how they sing and practice.  The students were able to ask questions about their performances.  We were so delighted to have them come out on their vacation and spend time us!

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By: Meredith


Heading To The Top

Every year the schools in Abaco participate in Student of the Year.  This is an event where students get awarded for being top of their grade the year before.  The students that were  chosen from Hope Town Primary are: Brynley Sweeting (Gr.1), Rosie Ziskind (Gr.2), Rose Philogene (Gr.3), Skylar Ogden (Gr.4), Meredith Knowles (Gr.5), and Journey Higgs (Gr.6).  The award ceremony was Friday, Jan.26th, 2018.  Congratulations to all of these amazing kids!


By: Meredith


“Hey mom, can I go to Madison’s house?” Caroline yelled from her room.  Mrs. Anderson stomped upstairs and went to her husband and asked if he was making dinner.  Caroline thought it was odd they had ignored her.  “Hey I can come, I’ll be there at seven” Caroline texted Madison.  She didn’t text back.  Caroline didn’t care so she put down her phone and went to pack her black and white poke-a-dot bag.  She went downstairs to get snacks from the kitchen.  and she realized something was different.  A picture of her and her family looked off.  Caroline looked closely.  She stared and stared .  Then she realized what was missing.  Caroline wasn’t in the photo.  She was shocked, but she thought it was okay she would just talk to her mom later.  Then Caroline went along to get the snacks from the kitchen and went back up to her room.  Once Caroline got back upstairs she realized what time it was, she had to leave.  Caroline grabbed her bag and rushed to her car.  She got to the garage and realized her car wasn’t there.  So Caroline decided to walk Madison’s house since it wasn’t that far.  It was only 3 or 4 blocks down the street.  While Caroline was walking, she ran across a few neighbors, but when she said hi they didn’t say hi back.  It was odd it seemed like Caroline wasn’t real.  It was like she was a ghost.  Caroline quickly ran to Madison’s house and rang the doorbell it didn’t work.

Then Caroline realized what happened.


By: Meredith