Academics -The British system of teaching was employed at HTS for many years, because we were a British Colony. During the 1950's and1960's students were still going to England or Canada to further their education. In the 1970's the Bahamas tended to follow a Caribbean curriculum, but it soon became apparent we were not really a part of the Caribbean scheme of lessons and curriculum. It was in the later 1970's that the Bahamas began to develop its own schemes and curriculum and publish Bahamian texts and grade level and other leveled exams. The trend for about 20 years now has been for most Bahamian students to go to the USA for further education and many progressive Bahamian schools (Hope Town School included) saw the need to include more US based texts and curriculum to better prepare their students future education plans. There are still remnants of the old British system, however. It is apparent in the fact that the students politely stand upon having an adult enter their classroom. We are a proud member of the British Commonwealth (countries once ruled by Britain) and many days are celebrated in association with the Commonwealth.  The Bahamas is also a member of many other Caribbean and British organizations and students are taught their significance.

  Art is uplifting, creativity opens doors to observation, self-expression and self-confidence. One cannot know what one is capable of without the gift of being able to try. Art is something every child should be exposed to because there is a lot of joy in accomplishing a piece that is in your own style and command." Heather Prosa, Volunteer Art Teacher  
  Our art program's goal is to inspire the student to bring their imagination into their education. A perfect example of this is the UP CYCLES TO SCHOOL book project. The creative writing of the 22 students in grades 3 and 4 showcased their drawing and painting skills. As the UP story developed, the students created the wonderful imagery that flowed from imagination through illustration. The book became the art course curriculum for the year. Then in print, the book sales not only raised much needed funds for the volunteer programs at the school, but also raised awareness about the importance of art and community involvement.

  Physical Education/Sports - Help children learn to play fair, make friends, build self esteem and make exercise a life long activity. As a small school we have created an athletic program that all children participate in. We have yearly events that foster team spirit and athleticism including, our field day competition and school swim meet. We encourage students to join our after school community run programs such as, softball, soccer, swimming, sailing and flag football.


  Community - Here at Hope Town Primary School we encourage schools, parents and community work together to promote health, learning and wellbeing. The school has always involved the community in our programs and as volunteers so there is a close working relationship. The schools children are active in the community in number of ways. We encourage students to get involved in community events such as, theatre, environmental and social fundraising and educational programs. We also schedule off campus school outings, which enhance our focus on the environment such as, field trips to organic farms, trips to non-profit environmental organizations and the 6th grade trip to Eleuthera to explore historic sites, settlements and caves.




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